Monday, February 22, 2021

I failed to stay in Ireland this time

 I contacted the Malta Airport and the Amsterdam Airport to avoid trouble in the airplane but I forgot to add the Dubli Airport and somehow the customer check-in took over 2 hours from 16:35 arrival till 7pm and I was the last one at the customer passing. Some people skipped the line and quickly moved in as if it was for the crime set-up. And Lorraine Saurin at the Dublin Airport denied me of entry to Ireland for the contact with the Polish Catholic Community and the Jewish Museum workers for the humanitarian help on the German cars stalking me in Malta. I stayed in Malta and learned how the Irish population was killed by the zipper knife handcuffing at Yamamomo location north of the sea by Yamamori owners around 2013. More Irish population in Malta was killed by the UK people's swapping of the old Irish people for their wealth traced back to Africa by Zaire migrants using the lost Irish names. The zipper knife handcuff is so popular in the Comoros Island later. Deserted Japanese Navy crews caused the unrest on Malta by Imazu man who was a killer in Pula and expelled to Malta to be known as Shimono for the Murayama's clan helping their popularities to stay quiet as hidden groups since 2014. Quiet groups like the 'not like sea hide nor mountain hide' in Maltese manner described men - Irish, Filipino, etc in Malta and Maltese Orders were killed for the water zone wealth swapping by Koizumi group at first. Later was Albania to Malta border zone abuse on other ships. The Irish government lost the Maltese treaty in 2017 and further was twice a year contact to Malta by the sea ways. I had more information to share by typing up for the better evidence use for the police and the relative lost in Malta people - especially the ones visited Daniel's Malls and large bowl tea drinking. I received only 12 hours for the entry to Ireland due to the restriction and abuse of Lorraine Saurin group at the Dublin Airport only telling me to contact the Polish Catholic in Poland for the language study, etc. Since I had German license cars parked around the Dublin Cookery School when I was taking classes there and Lisa Fujita from Blackrock Co. Dublin for the 3 day course for 6 students in Dublin Barista School in 2016 and I heard Lisa Fujita has been working for Murayama navy clan for stalking me in Montenegro to Albania in 2020 as the Japanese Navy's human trafficking just as the Irish killers with similar human trafficking strategies in Malta around 2015. East coast of Malta has more Japanese navy base and Morii group receives 10 million euro from the Valletta city owner group such as Mrs. White who is the official contactor to Chong/Chone(2015). Can you check what Lorraine Saurin did in the Dublin Airport while she took my netbook away? She asked me about the password to open my computer and told me that she has a grant to search my computer at the airport. By the way, the same computer was stolen at Tel Aviv Airport to Budapest Airport when I explained that I was a victim of Neo-Nazism and I was contacting people to get help on the German license cars stalking me anywhere I moved in Europe. Lorraine Saurin's reason of the denial of entry to Ireland was I had a bad travel record and no entry to Japan which I avoided after so many SDF solders killed the English, French, and other foreign language speaking foreign land living Japanese name people. So, I could not get a proper contact to improve my travel history for getting help to avoid Neo-Nazi groups and Japanese SDF related human traffickers trying to use another person's name for the illegal migration. Someone might misused my email around 7:30-9pm today for something phishing might happened. Karen G was the customer clerk and the check-in took so much time there till I was the last one passing somehow despite of some more waiting behind like 6 to 7 people.

At least, my netbook and items were safe for the entry to Dublin to stay at Camden Court Hotel. But the situation was worse with the ROCDOC online payment. And I missed the flight with the test today.

Republic of Ireland Latest News: Irish government to impose 14-day quarantine on incoming travelers from 20 countries because of COVID-19 variants (Reuters, 11.02.2021). Irish government to introduce hotel quarantine measures in mid-February for travelers from Brazil, South Africa and other countries deemed ‘high risk’ (Independent, 05.02.2021). Ireland to introduce 14-day quarantine in hotels for arrivals from Brazil and South Africa (Reuters, 26.01.2021). Lockdown extended until 5 March as COVID-19 concerns continue (Irish Mirror, 26.01.2021).
International Restrictions:
**From within the EU:
Ireland is implementing the commonly agreed EU “traffic lights” approach to travel restrictions.

Monday, January 18, 2021

IGBO language setting on Google translator

 I found my Google translator website got IGBO option for the input language. Why IGBO added? Is it the room invader's language? 

I heard that Yamato club near Paceville might have Yanon, the Indian man speaking IGBO, as the room intruder in my case. Yamato club is Yamaha and against Soka Gakkai club as the territorial cops' examination of fighting to each other. I heard that Pressto laundry at St. George s Road, 64 St. Julian s, Malta STJ 3202 was the reason of stalking and the room invasion.  

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The letter to Asus, the Frankfurt Airport, anti human trafficking organizations, Nazis victim compensation organizations, etc

 To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to ask about the behaviors of the security team in Frankfurt Airport on December 11th, 2020. When I took the airplane from Zagreb to Frankfurt with OU410 flight number, there was a young man wearing a Japanese logo 'Sad Boys' jacket and he took the seat on the row in front of me. Since I have been stalked by certain type of Japanese car registration attached cars in Malta since my arrival till know, I am guessing he was one of the Neo-Nazi group members who had been stalking me around in Zagreb before. 
I have been stalked by German license cars after I left Munich in December 2012, and I often encountered German license cars parked at my accommodation or my destination location in Zagreb as a part of Neo-Nazi group's stalking on me. I have the record of German license cars stalked me in Dublin to Doolin in Ireland, and also some showed up at Kiti in Cyprus when I was taking the Greek lessons  there. Also, a German car showed up to Tel Aviv near the IDF Museum. Since I have been stalked by German groups everywhere I traveled, I decided to make a museum for covering the damages from their stalking and thefts. 

And another case is the sudden showing up of the male and female security officers at the Frankfurt Airport x-ray zone after passing the custom for the international departure to Malta. When the two officers came near me, the male officer stated "We found an explosives in your property" and they wanted to check my items on the trays. And the male officer asked me to open the ASUS SDRW-08D2S-U LITE DVD-ROM writer. I used it the day before my travel and it was working properly. Meanwhile, I had some extra trays to collect with valuables such as my wallet and passport, but those officers prohibited me to bring my other trays next the one with the DVD-ROM reader and other computer items. And I suggested the safe opening of the DVD-ROM drive by attaching it to my netbook with the USB cable. But those officers hesitated and they did not want to have the plugging. "What if it explodes?" The same male officer asked me. I complained that the devices passed the X-ray machine and there should not be any explosive in it. And the explosives compliant was made by the suddenly popped up officers instead of the ones at the x-ray device. Somehow, those two security officers stopped asking me but left the counter zones without explaining me further of the incident. Meanwhile, my Dublin Temple Bar logo jacket was late to arrive to the x-ray exit alone and it sounded like someone stole my jacket and it went missing. The jacket was retrieved after I shouted "My jacket was stolen!" and there was a late tray passing to the exit. Please check the surveillance camera for the review of this jacket theft situation. I have another incident of my netbook theft at Tel Aviv to Budapest on April 8th, 2019, after Urvel and other Tel Aviv airport securities questioned so many stuff for the boarding. This is the theft information on my blog with the actual police report paper at the Budapest Airport.

Much worse issue was the group of Chinese people who sat across from my aisle. 
In the Frankfurt to Malta airplane LH1276, the travelers sat near me all moved away and 3 rows with only one guy at 24D? the left side of 3 seats together and me at 26E. But the Chinese guys of 'Group 5' around 26C remained to be sitting at the same location together. The Chinese guy at 26C sat next to me and tried to ask me move away when he showed off the 'Group 5' as something of the packed people image. A flight attendant came and corrected the mistake of 26C seat guy and they moved to the seats across the aisle.

Later, the guy sat at 26C tried to ask me for renting my pen which I rejected because of the same ink use for complaining something like my pen theft. He could ask his friends around for the writing instead of moving the seat across the aisle to sit next to me for interrupting me so much. I have the video for the safety.

Later, one of the Chinese man left his luggage at the seat during the landing as if for gang stalking's the street theater prank. I took a short filming for the situation as my evidence.

In the retrospect, some others like the Chinese group who sat at 26C could be more suspicious of the explosives matters. During my Malta staying, I have been surrounded by the Japanese car registration attached cars instead of German license cars. I contacted police after some of them were parked near my accommodation and later at the location across from my building. I experienced the Hiroshima car registration attached car across the street and over 10 cars around in the neighborhood. Currently, my accommodation has one car parked across from my accommodation and another around the corner.
And the database shared for the police and anti-human trafficking NGO is ready from 2 weeks ago. It used to be German license cars showed up in such a way and the somehow, Japanese car registration sticker attached cars were doing the stalking in Malta.

Is it possible for asking the organizations to figure out the Frankfurt Airport incidents related with Neo-Nazism? I have been stalked and victimized from their abuses since 2012, and I would like to know the stalkers' connection with the current stalking problem in Malta. Also, could you check the 'explosive finding' in the ASUS DVD-ROM matter of the two Frankfurt Airport security guards? I don't think an empty DVD-ROM external drive would be declared as explosive containing at the airports.

Yours Sincerely,
Miyoko Goto

Two Japanese license sticker attached cars near my accommodation

 I stayed in Birkirkara and saw Hiroshima car registration sticker attached car parked across from my accommodation. And so many were parked near the police station somehow. Since my check-in, there is a Japanese car registration sticker attached car parked across the street. And there is one parked around the corner. I think someone entered my room last night for the room invasion because I found my writing was left in a strange location and it was some suggestions about how to stay cool in Malta as suggestion. It should not be left at my bag because all the writings were packed in my note on my bed or in my suitcase. Just one writing I wrote long time ago was left near my bag as if for the sensitization. And here is the video about it. How many Japanese sticker attached cars in Malta? I'm guessing there are not so many as the trends. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Japanese car registration sticker attached Maltese license cars in Birkirkara region in Malta

 I saw over 30 Japanese car registration sticker attached Maltese cars in Birkirkara neighborhood. So, I made the database for the criminal clue finding. 

I've been surrounded by the Japanese car registration sticker attached Maltese car license number cars in Malta since I landed. I saw one near my accommodation in Valletta and another around the corner after I moved to Birkirkara. But there was one parked outside of the church I visited for the 12.00am midnight mass for the Christmas like the regular encounter with German cars in my life, I found over 30 cars parked from St. Helen to Smart shopping center area in Birkirkara as way too many Japanese car registration sticker attached cars in Malta. Why Malta with so many cars with Japanese car maintenance and registration stickers??? I thought that was German stalkers rented for stalking me in Malta. Are they engaged in the human trafficking like Germans did in my life till my trip to Malta?

The below is the list created on December 26th, 2020. 

Japanese car registration attached Maltese car.xls

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Japanese sticker cars near my accommodation in Valletta in Malta

There is no German license cars in Malta. So far so good. But I learned about the SDF teams engaged in the Yamamomo (dissembled hands buried in the water north of Malta after Irish settlers were murdered by them and their hands left underwater like trophies around 2012 to 2014).
And Nine Hands (KUDE) region north of St. Paul Bay for the human meat cultivation. Comino island is the location all foods get the identity powder contamination for the consumption in Malta island. And KUDE ships the human meat gathered from the underwater body farm for St. Paul Bay area importing just like Comino shipping. Some others to be stationed on SE of Malta for the ship thefts and dumping people into the sea for the car theft. 


Monday, December 21, 2020

The Chinese man left his backpack on the seat in front of me during landing to Malta

This is the video of the landing time luggage left at the seat in front of my row by the Chinese groups who sat across from my aisle as their original seats. Is it what the Frankfurt security did as the prank? Someone else got problem with 'explosives' matters and riding the airplane and annoying me. I heard that there were Chinese body farms for heading to the southwest area of Malta and getting farm education as the mud living till they die at night for the air inhaling problem as the group exercise. Those Chinese guys were freely doing the street theaters around me. 

The Chinese man sat at 26C sat next to me and asked me to rent my pen in the airplane

 During the flight from Frankfurt to Malta, the Chinese males were so rude near me. The man sat at 26C changed the seat to sit next to me and he asked me for the pen. He was with other Asian males like friends but he sat next to me for demanding my pen. In a common sense, he would rent one from his friend next to him but others were busy and he even switched his seat for asking. How often such a thin would happen? I guessed them just wanted to use the same ink as my pen for some group trouble or something of the Muslim pretending or using the same ink type for bringing another Asian woman to act like me for the fake one to be caught as a Muslim? I'm tired of such human trafficking and defamation on Christians by Chinese. 

The Chinese group sat at 26C Group 5 in the airplane from Frankfurt to Malta on December 11th, 2020

 After the trip with the "悲しい少年たち" logo jacket boy sat
in front of my row in the first airplane and the security officers declaring that 'I found an explosive' toward my white ASUS DVD-ROM drive, I encountered very very rude Chinese males who sat near me. 

In the Frankfurt to Malta airplane, the travelers sat near me all moved away and 3 rows with only one guy at 24D? the left side of 3 seats together and me at 26E. But the Chinese guys of 'Group 5' around 26C remained to be sitting at the same location together. The Chinese guy at 26C sat next to me and tried to ask me move away when he showed off the 'Group 5' as something of the packed people image. A flight attendant came and corrected the mistake of 26C seat guy and they moved to the seats across the aisle.

Later, the guy sat at 26C tried to ask me for renting my pen which I rejected because of the same ink use for complaining something like my pen theft as the Chinese tradition of counting someone else's item and using it to declare it as his own or the group counting me as their Turkish side Christian cultivating club like how Chinese stolen ships ending up the world voyage and asking help from the local small Christian supporting Brazilian merchants for causing no pay for bankrupting the Christian Chinese population abroad. Vienna had so many trouble from Chinese groups to Filipino population and I'm guessing that the same Chinese group might be related for the defamation campaign on my case of contacting to the local Filipino community for help.

"悲しい少年たち" Sad Boys logo hooded sweater guy in the airplane from Zagreb to Frankfurt (December 11th, 2020)

 I took the flight on December 11th, 2020, from Zagreb to Frankfurt for the transition purpose. There was a young man wearing "悲しい少年たち" Japanese logo clothes. I filmed it after the landing as the evidence of the stalker around me. The airplane was not so crowded and it looked not the coincidence at all. 

"I found an explosive in your property" - the announcement by the 2 security guards at the Frankfurt Airport (December 11th, 2020)

I took the flight from Zagreb on December 11th to Malta via Frankfurt. I could chose another location for the transition but Frankfurt was the cheapest. I woke up very early and took a taxi to the airport at 4:30am. 

Just the flight before mine was cancelled. That's Lufthanza! And Croatia Airline flights were all fine. But how come so many flights to Frankfurt in such an early morning? 

The Frankfurt Airport security and the custom were bad! When I passed the x-ray zone, the male and femle security officers headed toward me while the male one declared 'I found an explosive in your property.' They were not from the x-ray division but from other area like the different room to the left from the x-ray check zone exit. Then the male officer said my white Asus DVD-ROM writer as something of explosives. And he asked me if he could open it manually. I was not sure if it could open with a pin or something as a normal DVD-ROM drive but it could be working with the USB cable connection as I checked it working at night before my travel to see any defect on my belongings. And I asked if I could connect it with my netbook for the actual opening, it should be working as nothing should have done at the x-ray zone while the storage box was handed just out from the conveyor. Meanwhile, my other items arrived to the normal conveyor exit like my shoes in the box and my jacket in another box. So, I asked to get my belonging contained boxes to get to the security officers to contact further but they denied my carrying in of another boxes to the spot for the checking. I was upset because of the potential theft to happen around while two security officers were bagging me. And the male security officer asked me to open it and he said if he could open. I told him if he did it with his hands for damaging, it could be broken and no longer function - a typical airport trick as if the security damaged it and not functioning to be suspicious. And the security officer asked me if it opens and explodes or not. I had no idea how the security found an explosive in my DVD-ROM drive and even stating it so openly at the airport. But the two security guards left after I complained that my worry was the boxes left at another location for the possible theft and I had a police filing case about the luggage theft at the Budapest Airport on April 8th, 2019. And the security guards suddenly left the scene before actually opening the DVD-ROM drive. I was not sure how the x-ray could see an explosive in the ASUS DVD-ROM like this way and the airport security explaining as 'I found an explosive..' to start the conversation. And my Dublin Temple Bar logo jacket was still kept in the x-ray exit zone while I collected other items from the boxes when the security guards left without finishing the DVD-ROM opening. I could open it but I needed to keep an eye on my stuffs while others were taking items from the boxes around. 

At least, my large HP laptop I purchased at HGSPOT in Zagreb had the DVD-ROM writer defect and it was not recognized nor functioning. I found it not functioning after the purchase and somehow my warranty paper went missing. And the V2K talkers told me that they were aware of the DVD-ROM areas for the explosives adding and it was around April 19th, 2019 after my netbook theft during Tel Aviv to Budapest trip on April 8th, 2019. My netbook was in a package packed by the security guards in Tel Aviv and it went missing at the luggage claim zone. Is there any trouble with the DVD-ROM writer/reader devices these days? What's wrong with the x-ray on such a thin device? Can I sue the Frankfurt Airport security for the blasphemy if they are working with the Neo-Nazi groups for damaging the Neo-Nazi list makers like me??? I sell the Neo-Nazi stalker lists to cover my damages and stolen items to be purchased again. 

Much fun happened in the airplane later.

I failed to stay in Ireland this time

  I contacted the Malta Airport and the Amsterdam Airport to avoid trouble in the airplane but I forgot to add the Dubli Airport and somehow...