Saturday, June 20, 2020

After the cane assault, a beggar was in another tram

After the cane man insulted me, a beggar took another tram and he begged around 2€. So many people in Vienna are criminals.

A cane fighter man tried to make me fall in the tram at Karlsplatz on June 18th, 2020

This old man assaulted me at the exit using his cane. He stomped my right shoe twice and tried to push my shoe to remain on the floor, so I could fall. I moved my shoe but he did twice and it pissed me off for asking if he is one of the German Neo-Nazi groups stalking me everywhere. At least, it was at the exit and the surveillance cameras were available at Karlsplatz tram stop as well as in the tram. Any sign of the group stalking me around? I'm still stalked by German license cars everyday and got fishy things happening at my flat. Check out how many people got his cane for pushing the shoe glued on the step for the falling from the tram before. I bet more people had such legging assault by the mafia groups like him.

My shoe has the round brown cane mark on the spot he stomped with his cane. He did it twice. Is this the spot often pushed for the people falling from the trams as the mafia jobs? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Suspicious BILLA clerk Hr.Rueff dividing my groceries on the counter with the plastic divider

I went to Billa in Nachmarkt in Vienna a few days go. The female clerk acted funny. She brought a shopping cart to join the cashier line but she left the shopping cart alone for waiting. And she brought her large purse for joining. Then, a female customer lined up to the payment. But she soon left with the item. I lined up after the woman with some groceries. There was a couple stood behind of me. When the woman in front of me paid for her groceries, the clerk Mr. Rueff put the plastic divider to separate my large coke and water bottles with other items somehow and I had to put it back to the divider holder. So, I was able to buy what I put on the cashier combiner. The clerk did not cheat on the change. I found some stores got automated cashier zones, so the machines would probably not cheating for the loss creating the customers.

Here is the additional photo of the customers who lined up behind of me. Are they helping the Billa clerks' crime set-up usually as the mob team?

Monday, June 8, 2020

Clothes, a pair of shoes, an umbrella left on the hallway

Yesterday, I saw the clothes left on the hallway. The umbrella was on the wall since few days ago and I noticed it before and it was still left there. And a pair of shoes was at the entrance of the apartment room downstair from my floor. A crime baiting? I noticed it and took only the photos and filmed the situation. There was a chair with a notice on the entrance hallway. It was like a birthday type event seemed to be going on and the entrance door was opened.

When I went out, there was a police car parked about 4 to 5 buildings away. And a man showed up and entered to my apartment building using his key. I closed it to lock it up for the inconvenience of whatever happening upstairs just in case someone to come as a thief and the theft of the hallway items would be counted on me.

I heard that the Istanbul Convention has been misused in Vienna and Munich for so many times since 2016 of the declaration of the young people to be more rich through the prostitution and it made only the fat pimps to own the ownership in the neighborhood. And it created the loop hole of any women searchable if they are singles as the part of the prostitution ring by the helping volunteers to be counted in for the money making for the prostitution rings doing the body searches in the area! I'm not engaged in the Human Trafficking NGOs as I heard the groups are choosing the people for the blackmailing their family members instead of supporting the victim women. I heard Shunji Komada, Kanta Makita, Iwata, Yasuhara, Ochiishi, Keiko Takahara (replacement of Katuko Myouonji/Hououji/Chusonji) are related with these groups.

I contacted police about the local change cheating cashier clerks. And only me targeted for whatever. So, I make money for writing the issues to cover up my time loss, cost and sharing the cases. Austria is one of the worst state for living - so many corruptions and discrimination by the locals.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

10% deduction of Jews in Romania

I heard there was a Jew issues from Romania. Iranian women took a refugee in Romania around 2016 after the refugee boom and they returned to Turkey with another name as Romanian part after they killed their husbands. These girls chose Jews for the marriage. Because of the Turkish marriage rules, Jews had their ancestry trees taken out. And they were threaten as non-Jews to have more harsh accusations. And they had the choice of helping the Turkish engine as the Israel part from Romania as the Dutch helper - the Dutch Jews were taken out by Iranians and the 'friends' names' used for the phone calls by the Iranian groups. What they did was the 10% deduction of the Jews as the population gap making and the removed Jews were so many. 10% of Romanian Jews would be moving around to get only their own saved by selling others. I heard Podgorica had such Jew situations and the housings were lost for the Turkish Embassy building. Vienna had the same situation recently because of the Krav Maga gym ownership holding Koreans and Chinese groups. South Koreans learned French and they were to be helping the Israel Police communication in France to get connected to the NATO area.

I've been stalked by Jews all of sudden after I was getting beeped by Hofer near Taborstrasse U-Bahnhof in Vienna. I wrote down that Jews would get beeped as the graffiti on the posters. And there was a car parked near my accommodation on the next day.

At least, I saw German license cars show up everyday outside of my accommodation and often parked nearby. And there was W HEIZO2, SDF sounding car passed the street when I left my flat on June 3rd. Is this a part of stalking group in Vienna with Shunji Komada, Iwata, Kurata (SDF in Vienna?), Keiko Takakura (after Katuko Onmyouji replaced), Miyata, and Makita (Kicks - robbery group) as the mafia groups.

Is this the pretending Jew example from Romania origin but left for the Turkey to get his own name denounced and working for Turks and Germans?

Police team was at Magenda Shop near St. Stephan Cathedral

I visited Magenda Shop near St. Stephan Cathedral on June 2nd, 2020. My customer waiting number was 149 and there was an old man surrounded by the police officers. He sat down and held an opened modem pack with him. I saw the police left without catching him and filmed it for the evidence of something happened at the store. The old man questioned by the police team had the number 142 and he was served at the counter. My turn came and I paid the extra month payment.

I found out my phone was disconnected on the next day and I revisited the store in late afternoon. The store was empty and my number was only 2 people waiting length and my number was 144, the number for the emergency vehicles. Yesterday was 149, and some similarity happened.

And there was a police helmet wearing kid on the small bike in the store as if for the police job doing. Very familiar situation for the gang stalking.

I found my phone had the wrong SIM card and it was not working today! Well, I have some extra SIM cards with me and I found out one inserted was something else. I could double check the SIM card before going to the store but yesterday's crime set-up type police showing up and the drinking water from the water bottle before serving me reminded me of the spitting restaurants. What happened to the police logo bike riding kid in the store? He could leave the bike outside for the safety or it can crash the store items by hitting! Magenta Store has so many police logo users around the customer number 140s. Is there any statistics to be available?

Billa with all the shopping cart chained at Mariahilfer Str. 120, 1070 Wien on May 22nd, 2020

I saw all the shopping carts chained at Billa on Mariahilfer Str. 120, Wien near West Bahnhof. It was around 3pm and I quickly left the store for avoiding further problems. I waited someone to return a shopping cart and I used the returned one. After the shopping, I tried to check the locked chains if that is easy for the customers to unlock. It was impossible to unlock them and I tried to chain my shopping cart. It was quite hard but when I filmed the below film, it succeeded. So, the shopping carts can be lockable by the customers.
It was on May 22nd, 2020, 15:23.

Billa Corso with a shopping cart taking woman in the lift -

I visited Billa Corso to buy groceries. The V2K speakers said that they have Chok, a Koran guy driving a sports car parked outside and he is an engineer for adding the Tesla Coils and other techs such as the Nekal's Thought Sever which supposed to be used for the brain check and terminating the theft of small materials from the cashier side items but it was accepted only for India abroad from the UK. The same technology is used for the cashier clerk's theft of less items scanned and thrown away into the dustbin under his spot for the theft claims or moving it to the clerk's property.
I saw the shopping carts all chained together in some places like the one at Hofer on Nussdorferstr. 73 and BILLA on Mariahilferstr. 120. I heard that some ethnic groups standing near all locked shopping carts would be for expecting someone to use the 'old tongue' for opening it for taking one. There would be some group robbery expected situations. I only filmed in such a case and waited to get someone returned their shopping cart for my use.

I saw the Billa customer with so identical jacket full of logos took the shopping cart up from the store location. There is no parking lot and she stole the cart right in front of me! If the police is searching someone stealing a shopping cart, I filmed it with my camera!

Billa clerk cheating me 50€ cents from the change - Nussdorferstrasse 90,Vienna

I visited Billa on Nussdorferstrasse 90 and the clerk Kiinska cheated me the change of .50€ cents. The receipt shows the date May 27th, 2020, 14.57. It was 10€ banknote loss for the 50/100€ banknote changes and now I found the small changes cheated like .50€ cent patterns at Billas. The shops has the security cameras and only the Praterstern got automated payment machine for all the cashier process. Perhaps, Billa only needs such automated processing than the stealing clerks recruited in. I need to make the database of the cheating clerks and alarm beeping stores. Enough discrimination happened to me.

Hofer at Taborstrasse U-Bahn station beeped me at the entrance - June 2nd, 2020

When I went to Hofer at Tabor Strasse U-Bahn station side, the alarm beeped at the entrance. So, I did not enter to buy anything. I experienced the beeping sometimes in the previous visit to Vienna and it was at SPAR in the Museum Quarter area. But from this time of the trip, the clerks have been trying to rob me by the 10€ less change for the 50€/100€ payment. It happened twice and I filmed at the second time.
The video was filmed at June 2nd, 2020 16:31.

Hofer at Alserbachstrasse 18 cheated me for 9.99€ by adding unknown purchased item on

I visted Hofer on Alserbachstrasse 18 in Vienna near the tram stop to 5, and 33. I went in and bought some stuffs. But I found the unknown listing - D/H-NUMMBERNSOCKEN. 7ER 9.99B. Unlike Billa, Hofer does not list the clerk's name on the receipt, but it was the white young man at the cashier on both aisles and it was to the left from the waiting area toward the exit. I returned the cart when he started scanning, so I was not sure if the socks was added for just scanning for the clerk's purchase or not.
I experienced Hofer at Taborstrasse U-Bahn outside beeping me at the entrance only. So, it could be related with the harassment by the same groups targeting me in Vienna. I have the Gang Stalking Analysis video vol. 11 showing the clerks scanning my netbook at DM in Munich for whatever the reason of the alarm beeping. So, I experienced such beeping started in September 2012 and later was the German group stalking me in everyday basis from Romania to Ireland (2016, 2018, 2019), Israel(2019), Cyprus(2018). And it was only few occasions like in Dunnes store in Dublin that beeped me for wearing Trinity College logo sweatshirt or whatever the reason at the entrance and I filmed it.

Here is the receipt from Hofer at Alserbachstrasse 18 at June 3rd, 2020, 5.44pm.  10€ loss is quite identical like at Billa stores by the shop clerks not returning 10€ for 100€/50€ changes.

After the cane assault, a beggar was in another tram

After the cane man insulted me, a beggar took another tram and he begged around 2€. So many people in Vienna are criminals.