Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Donation page for the Neo-Nazi Victims Museum set up money

I created the donation page for the NNVM set up cost. It could be easy to be done with large institutions and organizations. But at least, the fundraising needs an actual funding place to start with and the actual ideal amount to be counted on for everything from the building purchase to the annual costs for few years.

Fundraise for the Neo-Nazi Victims Museum at

About Neo-Nazi Victims Museum (NNVM)

I have been gang stalked by German mafia groups since I left Munich in December 2012. Since then, German cars have been around at my accommodation to the location I visit and the mobbing and crimes happened to me. No way to get help from the anti-human trafficking organization nor the Jewish synagogue-goers who supposed to be the actual victim of such Frankfurter Mafia or Munich Mafia groups.

I have recoded the German mafia cars for past 5 years! It was going on for almost everyday from Romania to Ireland!!! I tried to move to somewhere safe and I was stalked all the time. Victim blaiming on me? Why? I'm a Christian who loves to go to the church in the weekend as the part of my life and love literature and day trading as my job these days. I could write my actual story of a Anne Frank type figure in a cheap hostel or hotel private room for the online trading as my job around. Dear Kittin, I made 36€ today from selling EUR/USD and the German car is still out from the building, blah blah blah... And do you think this is funny to continue? I would rather bring the case to the EU court to get my own human right back as a normal mid-age Christian Asian woman around. It's hard to be so due to the Korean and Chinese Christians who are hunting down miniorities for picking and bullying.

What's wrong to be somewhere safe and make enough money for one's own these days? That is what I want to achieve for my own to create  museum to work on from my past victim records.

Hopefully, it would work to improve my human rights despite of so many Neo-Nazi warnings out in the society.

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