Friday, February 15, 2019

AMPM city market cheating 10NIS for the change and sudden showed up hand injured people around

On February 13th, I went to AMPM in the city center and found the female clerk cheated on the change for 10NIS. I paid 50NIS note and she gave me 20NIS and some copper coins only. Thus, I can see there wasn't any 10NIS coin for that. She asked me for the 1NIS coin if I have any. But she returned me only small copper coins and 20NIS note. So, it was like 10NIS missing.

Here is the receipt as the evidence.

And the video showing the situation.

Then, suddenly so many people with hand injured bandages showed up. Is this because of the store started to claim me stealing while they cheated the change and stealing from me? I'm tired of such jokes for the 'war time millionaire clan building' by robbing the customers. I heard under wage people are usually robbed by the shops these days by the gang help.

Tiv Taan? store on Jerusalem Road with two times of 'is it yours?' questions last night

Before the ATM card stack in the ATM slot, I visited the store nearby. I saw a group of people at the counter left to pick up some more groceries. So, I waited there. Later, it was my turn and there was a water bottle left at the counter and the cashier guy asked me "is it yours?" and I said no. Later, there was a salami pack left at the counter after the scanning table. And I left the salami as it was there and no my purchased item. Another clerk shouted me from the store door with the salami pack on his hand, "Is it yours?" and I said it was not mine. What was that? Any theft crime set up done by the store clerks? It was February 14th around 9.30pm. I record such strange issues in case of another suspicions at the same store later.

At least, I could say that the bank card left inside of the ATM machine at Bank Hapoalim is mine.

Some more Germans from today

After sighting a German speaking man on the phone next to the Swastika graffiti wiped monument, I saw a group of Germans gathering there. Any reason why Germans showed up there together? I thought they gathered for the show off. I'm stalked by similar Germans for past 7 years, so I'm sensitized to think it strange.

Germans at the wiped Swastika logo location in Jaffa

There have been Germans around me since yesterday. They showed up in some groups around this wiped out Swastika location when I was there for just photo taking around according to the guide book route for killing my time. At least, nothing stolen at the street. Just got some stores act strange when I go there as a customer like some extra bottles or foods on the both side of the cashier counter sides and the clerks asking 'is it yours?' for such items like asking to buy extra small water bottle or carrying out an extra salami pack which was left by the customer before me or someone.

Perping at Bank Hapoalim - the day after the ATM card stacked in the ATM

I visited the bank today. Last night, my card got stuck inside of the ATM machine slot and it did not return. I found the machine I used was quite broken. I was not sure it it was such damaged and only the screen part still functioning. At least, the slot looked still working with no removable. So, my card should be still there. Today is Friday. Not TGIF in the Middle East. Suck Friday.
Is this a crime faking business the bank workers or the local mobs did? This is Tel Aviv, Israel and the street name is Jersalem Road. I put the stolen card notice at the ATM as the bank was closed.

Despite of my notice, so many people are still using these ATMs near the bank door. Not the one to the right from the bank which looked broken as you see on the first photo. Last night was dark and I did not use the bank ATM that is south from the intersection. I had no problem withdrawing from the Green color bank across the street before. It's an irony that it was Feb 14th and got my card stolen in the ATM machine. Last year's same day was the day my backpack was stolen in Lisbon while German cars and Germans were around. I encounter Germans these days in the street like Lisbon theft time. So, I need to be careful with stealing German groups. I went there to see any ATM users around and so many were using the working ones all the time. Are they just perping to expect they are normal using the spot on the Bank's closed day with the ATM card stolen in the slot notice next to them?? It's fun just see them on Jerusalem Road!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

My bank card did not return from the ATM of Bank Hpoalim at Jerusalem Road

I went to Jerusalem today and later I took a bus from Hagaha train station to Jaffa location. There was a German bag holding woman took the same bus with me and even dropped by at the same bus stop at Jerusalem Road.

Later, I went to ATM at Bank Hapoalim on the same road. Bank Hapoalim ATM stole my bank card and it was stacked inside of the machine. Since it was at night, I could not get any assistance. So, I headed to the police station about the theft of my bank card happened at the bank property. But the police officers denied to make the police report there. Not functioning police nearby. The bank locates at Jerusalem Blvd 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 68021. I visit the bank tomorrow morning to see if any card left in the ATM to be taken or not. And also for the possible theft report making after checking the ATM machine for the stolen card inside or not.
But here is what the two police officers said to me. I could not file the police report against Bank Hapoalim.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

blind pretending people near my accommodation

The second day at my accommodation, I saw a blind pretending woman walking just outside. How often a blind person to be around alone?  It was in Tel Aviv.

Masked Korean groups near the mosques (and churches) in Jaffa area

I often encounter these masked Asian groups around. Why do they need masks more than hiding the dentures specially made to have the shark style biting weapon? I heard Leon Haguki got something like this as his own identity as the German mafia around 2015 and had more people having masks for hiding the up and down both teeth dentures.

A German couple followed me from behind during the Free Walking Tour

I often encounter Germans taking the same tours or sit next to me at the cafes and restaurants. Here is one example that a German couple were walking from behind like the Lisbon trip time last February when my backpack was stolen at Moric Square.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

10NIS asking Muslim woman and the defect shopping cart in Tel-Aviv

The supermarket near the Bloomfield Stadium had a strange Muslim woman on the phone wondering around near the shopping cart parking lot. I saw her hunging around and I tried to put my cart back. I found the chain was cut on the one already parked in front and I moved away to make another woman to correct her cart. But she could not do anything and the Muslim woman was still at the spot. I left the spot with my camera when the woman just showed up entered into the store for taking her 10NIS coin out. And the Muslim woman showed her 10NIS and tried to contact me. I thought she was a robber and I shouted her 'don't steal my money!' instead. And the Muslim woman put her own coin to grab one shopping cart in front. So, one released was the no chain one and I could return my cart to get my coin back!!! By the way, there was the cashier woman inside asked me like "jedan" or something in Serbo-Croatan or Russian talking. I think some people are doing the crime set up in the area against me. Enough crime set up report to make after 2 nights from the arrival? I think some Muslims are stalking me like Turks or Saudi Arabian identities with German connection.

And the crime tipping. Is there any German Bundes-Wehr ships to be parked in the northern shore in Israel pretending to be UN groups? They might be related with Two-Ten (2010 digit meaning but no such time worker called Motoharu or Tomoharu from the Jap SDF). I heard some SDF and Korean Muslims like Gonje? Someone to be around in Tel Aviv for stalking me to be extremely dangerous. Chinese Muslims would be suggesting 3 poles making to the northeast edge of Israel for the barrier making as "operation sanpole" but the user would be from the SDF and the construction would be facing inward for reducing the land toward others like Turkey. Aiko and the Japanese royal family has such intentional help as the FBI police business looking like the USA and claiming the land to the west to be counted as Israel also but it meant their SDF operation from the country west to Israel to hit on the Jews... Enough trouble and mafias around in Israel, can you help me?

Saturday, December 29, 2018

ASUS Transformer Mini hacked - No Windows 10 nor WIFI button clickable

My ASUS Transformer Mini was hacked and it does not have the clickable Windows 10 nor WIFI button ready for the WIFI connection. I wanted to check the and other accommodation search websites after Rigi House got double booking on the same room and I was asked to leave instead. Meanwhile, there were many Muslims and Asians showed up around me as if for the surveillance. I saw the same girls with some information on their jacket's back were hanging around often.

AMPM city market cheating 10NIS for the change and sudden showed up hand injured people around

On February 13th, I went to AMPM in the city center and found the female clerk cheated on the change for 10NIS. I paid 50NIS note and she ga...