Saturday, December 29, 2018

ASUS Transformer Mini hacked - No Windows 10 nor WIFI button clickable

My ASUS Transformer Mini was hacked and it does not have the clickable Windows 10 nor WIFI button ready for the WIFI connection. I wanted to check the and other accommodation search websites after Rigi House got double booking on the same room and I was asked to leave instead. Meanwhile, there were many Muslims and Asians showed up around me as if for the surveillance. I saw the same girls with some information on their jacket's back were hanging around often.

Double booking and eviction at Rigi House, Lucerne

I made a reservation to Rigi House and the room 6 was double booked with two guests. So, I was asked to find another accommodation. Jew abuse or what? I heard Japanese and Korean groups are settled as foreign police in the Northern shore of Lucerne for Mr. Kaku's 150 billion value real estate swindling by finding old locals to be killed for the house thefts. The Chinese groups are also around for the aim of 10-15 guesthouses to be stolen to be enough money for looking for Zurich invasion in the same manner. Why do I get such problems with Chinese Muslim terrorists and Japanese royal family's real estate swindling groups for the human trafficking?
And I tried to take the room 4 available at the time of the searching at the previous hotel and failed to book due to my mobile could not type in my phone number for the reservation. I went there and the clerk told me that the annex rooms were all booked out and only 120CHF hotel rooms were available. It was a huge difference like I have to pay the double price. Current location is 100CHF a night and still quite expensive without the tourist tax. At least, I could stay in Switzerland for the New Year this time. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

50-15=35€ no change returning at Lyca Mobile store near Chateau Landon in Paris

I was walking near the East Train Station and bought a small mp3 player like the runner type using for only 15€. But the clerk just took 50€ notes and he did not return any money back. And I complained in English and he just fixed the price tag on the packet from 15 to 10 and showed me the 10€ note and taunted me that I paid only 10€ instead. So, I lost 35€ missing. Normally haggling won't work in this way but the clerk said such a strange cheaper price making up as if for the crime building in the location. I could grab the 10€ and bring the mp3 player with me and if the cops see only such video parts from the surveillance camera, the clerk would claim me as a robber instead.

Anyway, the clerk could make 1/3 price bargain for unknown reason and it was filmed by the surveillance camera at the store. So, that could be exploited by the local mobs if they want the cheating merchants taking out in Paris. You can see the pen the clerk is holding as the situation.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Someone taunting me in the metro in Paris

After the incident of the 50€-15€=35€ no change made at Lyca Mobile near Landon metro stop, I took a metro back. This time, some one taunted me in the metro. Here is the guy's face and what he did toward me - just talking to me in French but why me?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Rejected the Paris-UK entry by Paul Ivine, the boarder police guy

I tried to take the train  (237€) and even paid the train change fee (49€). And Paul Ivine questioned me about 'where do you live?' and I answered as I stated on my FaceBook page. And somehow he made up all the document fishy and left me not accepted in the UK. So, I contact the Franciscan church groups where I stayed and also the lawyers in UK with the document he wrote down and how Paul Ivine ruined my 2 weeks long Christmas vacation to see some Jews and Franciscan people I met in London... is it enough sharing and asking donation for the losses? I paid the rent in London already and it is non-refundable. but the train ticket could be two months valid. So, I would change the train ticket once gain but I might need to contact lawyers for the sudden crazy accusation by Paul Ivine. Who would harass the Catholic during the Christmas time? Huh? It gonna cost him quite a lot for sure.  And I will share the documents to the lawyers and NGOs in Paris and Interpol also. I share the document here later. I'm at cafe for the booking a place.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Neo-Nazi stalker in Paris metro

Someone insulted me in the metro in Paris today and it happened after the Lyca Mobil clerk did not give me 35€ change after I paid 50€ note for a 15€ value product. The crazy guy in the metro could be a German Neo-Nazi guy and speaking French toward me. I'm tired of Germans stalking me 6 years everyday.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Blind and eye patched people everyday in Zagreb to Budapest

When I was in Zagreb, I saw many eye patched and blind people in the city. There is the mind weapon causing people to get the eye stubbed by the artificial accident around and often targeting UK people and Christians. Are they really lost their eyes? And working in the gang stalking?

I saw a blind white cane woman stood at the tram stop when I checked out to the trip to Budapest. Also, there was the ear injury bandage man next to it. It's often done against Christians as insult. Later, I saw a blind white cane woman stood at the bus stop at Budapest. So, there are so many blind image taunting by the gangs. No ear? No more hearing and disabled. No eyes? Your life is done! So, it's quite stressful for me to get these gangs taunting. But they show their faces in the local area to figure out who are acting on the fake blind issues.

Monday, November 5, 2018

German speaking man next to me at Costa Cafe in Cyprus

When I was at Costa Cafe, I saw a German speaking man sat next to me on the phone. I visited the cafe next day and saw the same guy in another location. How often Germans are sitting next to someone at a cafe in Larnaca, Cyprus? At least, similar thing happened in Dublin or Lisbon also. Enough evidence on Germans stalking me?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

German group sat outside of a bakery in Kiti, Cyprus

I was attending a Greek language school for awhile. German car was parked outside of a bakery in rural area of Larnaca. Next time, I saw a group of German speakers eating outside near me. How could this happen in Cyprus to find some Germans like this way??? I'm sure this is stalking evidence.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Francis Apartments or Francis Court asking the credit card copy

When I went to Francis Apartments/Francis Court, the clerk asked me to show my passport and my credit card that I paid for the rent. Since I did not bring the credit card with me for this trip, I had problem check-in. The clerk contacted the JCC for the issue. Well, if my card is not confirmed, they cannot charge me. So, that was the logic I wrote to TripAdvisor and some organizations. But what is the matter of copying some credit card information? Do they engage in the phishing?

A man asked about the donation location in the church

The mass was 1 hour late and a man showed up alone with some coins on his hand. He asked me where to donate the coins and I suggested to put the coins in the donation box. Is it a prostitute seeker or something? I heard this church got some incident of killing Chinese alike and someone went to New York got a replacement of the person and went back to work in the church.

ASUS Transformer Mini hacked - No Windows 10 nor WIFI button clickable

My ASUS Transformer Mini was hacked and it does not have the clickable Windows 10 nor WIFI button ready for the WIFI connection. I wanted to...