Sunday, June 17, 2018

An Asian stalker man from the shopping mall and some more Asians hanging around at Konzum in Trogir

I saw so many Asians in Trogir these days. And one time, I visited the shopping mall and I saw one Asian man stalked me on my way back. There was some Asian groups gathered  at the entrance area.

The Market store near the bridge cheated on the change in Trogir

The Market near the bridge to the second island in Trogir cheated my payment of 20€. The water was 3.99 kuna and I received some coins. Since I payed most of the 1kuna or more coins at the mass just before my visit to the store, I can check it was very few and not much like 15€ or more. And I asked about the change and the clerk at the cashier gave me 10kuna note later. So, I thought she just tried to delay. But another female clerk started to talk to me as if I was there for changing coins. And I explained that I paid 20 kuna - I was at the church and I usually pay 10kuna or 5kuna if I have such amount, and I donated there only coins as I had over 20kn notes at that time in the church. So, I filmed the situation around the time the clerk gave me the 10kuna back. And the second female clerk talked to me like "you are sister?" and such. So, I think the store might be included in the "brother" "sister" Muslim groups who are about to talk to people like brother and sister to mimic the way to replace the Christians with their Muslim brothers or Muslim sisters.

And there were some Muslim groups sat near the Market. Any coincidence with the Muslim mafia groups?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kumamoto logo T-shirt woman in the bus today

Enough gangs stalking me. There was a woman wearing a Japanese logo clothes.

Also, the nearby store got an old Aikido poster.

German cars in Belgrade

German cars from today. Everyday I see German cars and one parked near by with a Vienna car.

And some American cars show how. Are they related with the mafia groups who stole I

Ds of Americans like the Chinese old man who claimed to be a Japanese DHS or Japanese FBI or Soka Gakkai, Kofuku no Kagaku and so on for the police helper and swindled to own the rooms for hotel or hotel making such as St. Ten Hotel or Apartment Daidara?

Guinness Irish logo man and a Chinese showed up at the shopping

I saw some Chinese woman alone show up at the bus stop across the shopping center in Belgrade. This time, she asked me if I am a Chinese. I ignored. Then the family with a man wearing a Guinness T-shirt. I was wearing Trinity College logo T-shirt today. So, it was the strange thing happened. The good thing was that I reported the organ trafficking case to Guada in Ireland for the potential escape from the Japanese Soka Gakkai, Nichiren-shu, and Kofuku no Kagaku (Life Science?) type cult stalking. Also, there were more Bratislava cars showed up. I share these Bratislava stalking cars to Guarda again with this strange Guinness logo man.

And these are the Bratislava stalkers I saw today.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Haruki Noda as the crime syndicate in the coastal area living in Croatia

I heard Haruki Noda is one of the ex PM clan from Japan to be engaged in the real estate business in Croatia area. Most mafia groups are engaged in the theft as the surveillance job and some souvenir theft making for their own to take.
Haruki Noda's clan would be engage in the defamation with the ID thefts and the target pretending people. Also, it meant someone pretending would start claiming to be the real target with the group for stealing the identity of someone else as the mass group.

German car parked near my accommodation in Belgrade

I went out to the supermarket and I still saw a German car parked near my accommodation. And there is still an Asian man outside for surveillance or something.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Old Asian men on surveillance in Belgrade.

Some old Asians have been around in accommodations in Belgrade. Are they related with the organ trafficking from Belgrade to Bratislava for the Tokyo and Fukushima kids illegal heart surgeries? I heard Fukuko is used on the murdered women's name and Mr. Fukuzawa for the male name for the organ trafficking with the Tokyo and Tohoku University related workers. 

Salty ice cream and the Homer Simpson T-shirt and an Asian man around in Belgrade

I bought 2 scopes of ice cream on the street and I found the Lemon tasted salty. There was a man in Homer Simpson image T-shirt nearby as if to make the image connected to Thomas Schollhammer, the Munich mafia and police helper claiming to be he forgot the details of what he did but to make all the rumors and memory about other side did something as the family business. It was more like a salt made ice cream. So, I threw away and I saw an Asian man walking nearby at that time. A coincidence but the perpetrator showed up purposely. It could be safer buying food at the spot I could see what the clerks doing for the food handling.

German cars stalking in Belgrade

I moved to another accommodation in Belgrade after the Chinese organ trafficker type people stayed in the room next to mine. I heard organ trafficking has been going on from Belgrade to Bratislava by Tokyo University and Tohoku University related people to hide the children's heart problem in Tokyo and Fukushima. I heard 4000 illegal organ surgery was done in Bratislava in past few years.

And still the German cars were around. Today, I saw a German car outside of my hostel and I saw some German cars near St. Anthony of Padua church. A small boy with an eye bandage was walking near the church. Is he a fake eye injured and pretending to look blind sometimes with a white cane? I heard Leon Stork /Leon Yoshiki is still engaged in the drug trafficking for the corrupted undercover officer's job for bringing Munich cars.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Assorted German and Bosnian mafia cars in Zemun area in Serbia.

There were 2 Bosnian cars parked at my accommodation. And some German cars were always on the road when I walked to the nearby supermarket. I heard Bosnians moved to Belgium for the NATO war propaganda against Russia and its related countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia or whatever with Kiril language zone not Muslims. Germany is no more working to the direct intervention on NATO but Bosnian Germans. When they start the war from Kosovo-Macedonia dispute, the Kosovo revels (Jap and Bulgarian SDFs) goes anti clockwise to Greece and Bulgaria. Thus, the Indian Muslim guy on the top chief funding  at United Nation Sarajevo will make more money by sending Turkish troops for War Money or Turkish Oil making after Budva bankrupt by Turks and Herceg Novi for the Jap agricultrual business ruined the soil by adding the radiactive component as Japanese style to start over like after the war to see how the war zone rebuilt from scratch in an European nation. I heard Kiko from the Japanese royal family is responsible for that joke. Anyway, bad Muslim guys and German Muslim supporters are trooping around and robbing. For the Serbs, I heard only the east of Nis is safe in Serbia as to have less problem with Bulgaria. 

An Asian stalker man from the shopping mall and some more Asians hanging around at Konzum in Trogir

I saw so many Asians in Trogir these days. And one time, I visited the shopping mall and I saw one Asian man stalked me on my way back. Ther...