Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dunnes store beeping discrimination - part 2

I visited Dunnes store last Tuesday and I was beeped at the same Ilac Shopping Center Dunnes store at the entrance. I found it strange and I tried again for the entry and they did not beep me when I had a camera on me. But I tried at the second entrance and they beeped me at the entrance when I entered and went out. So, they beeped me at the exiting that time. And later of that day, I was beeped at the exit of Dunnes store on  Great George Street in Dublin. I did not steal anything but they are harassing me.

And this happened on August 14th. I entered and left with my camera on my neck. They beeped me at the exit as if I took an item with a tag for the shoplifter claim. Dunnes stores are always harassing me in Dublin. And there were some Muslim girls pop-up from other stores as if they were there for the false eye witnessing. I encounter some Muslims in a strange locations for their surveillance and Sharia-Police or whatever. So, I guess they might be related with the beeping.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

American Laundry cheated me the change

I went to Supreme Clean laundry in Drumcondra area. But that one had a Muslim woman working and I though the location might have the dog shit or some kinds of the Islamic voodoo going on to make the location not clean but like on the sand for the dirty living way.

So, I went to American Laundry which I used to visit during my stay in Dublin around September 2016. But this time, the clerk cheated me for the change. I paid a 20€ banknote and 50cent for 8.50€ laundry fee. And the guy returned only 4 of 50 cents to make it as only 2€. And when I asked about the change, he tried to give me 5€ note but he asked me if I have 10€ banknote or something also. So, we exchanged the money; he returned my 20€ banknote and I gave coins I grabbed in my hand. I had 5 banknote in my wallet and I paid the exact money to him. But, he tried to cheat me to get extra 10€! That was a double price of the laundry! So, I contact police for the cheating!

M&S on Grafton Street beeped me at the exit

I visited Marks and Spencer store on Grafton Street and I bought some pasta bags and sauce bins. But I was beeped at the exit. How come I often get this beeping in the stores? It was the second visit for me today and first was the lunch purchase and nothing happened at all. And the second time was just for the dinner stuff purchase and I went only to the downstairs only.

Germans next to me at the bus stop in Drumcondra area in Dublin

There were some Germans showed up with large suitcases at the bus stop in Dublin. Enough Germans around everyday. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kennedy's Bar showing the WIFI is not safe

I used Kennedy's Bar WIFI on my way to my accommodation. And I found an Indian type man to be in the bar and he was using his laptop. Meanwhile, I found this data leak warning for the use of the WIFI. What's wrong with the personal data leaking problem with this location's WIFI?

Japanese mafia groups in Dublin

While I was waiting a bus, I saw a German car and these Japanese speaking men around. Do they related with the damage of my brass whistle recently? I found more burnt damage on my brass whistle as well as some holes are uneven and now making the higher tone than the upper hole tones. So, it was significant to find something totally wrong going on after my purchase. And are these Japanese related with Leon Stork's gang from Munich?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

So many Muslims at the Shanklin Beach these days

I saw many Indians visiting Shanklin for past few days. And then, I found so many Muslim groups visiting Shanklin in the Isle of Wight. I thought the location is a way too rural and would be safe from the German stalkers. But here, there were many Muslims showed up.

I saw a Muslim group cooking the BBQ in the parking lot. Is it legal to cook something there? I don' think so.

And so many Muslims acting strange like wearing clothes and heading to the water. Are they suicidal or what?

And they got naked running kids old enough to have the libido line checks.

Are they the Muslims working with the German mafia groups?

German cars in Shanklin today.

There were more German cars showed up in Shanklin, a small village famous of Charles Darwin's book writing spot and other famous poets such as Longfellow and Keats. How can they bring these German cars around in UK?

Here, a German car was parked outside of my hotel.

A Berlin car in the old town.

A German car near the Crab Inn.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

German car and Dutch car in Shanklin

Just like at Celic Apart accommodation in Zagreb before my my flights to UK, I encountered these German car and Dutch car at Isle of Wight. Well, there are only few cars to show up from abroad but I still encounter German cars everyday in UK. How come? I saw one yesterday and today... how could it happen?

And there was this male group cooking BBQ in the parking lot near the Lift in shanklin. It reminded me of the Syrian refugees in TV. But they could be just there as the homeless figures and eye witnesses.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

German car and German truck in London!

Here, this is the legendary German car and German truck showed up in London! How often Germans bring their cars to UK? Not so many, huh? So, I can prove their real stalking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tokyo logo man and the German group around me

I'm in London and checking if anyone can help me for the German stalking issues. The good thing is that Japanese Turkish related mafia groups are engaged in the property swindling by killing retired UK people in Macedonia and other areas. There are some UK groups stalking with Germans but they are engaged to get around with German cars only. It's like Polish cars showed up with Czech cars after I saw Pornoland snuff video on 173cm or taller Polish women suited for the police and security jobs hunting by the Chinese militants funded Czech mafia groups showed up in Warsaw, Katowice, and Krakow... and to Belgrade and Trogir and back in Budapest.... So, I only see some packs of the same groups around sometimes and that is the criminal clues.

Today, I was around Tottenham Court to buy a new musical instrument. And a German group showed up at the bus stop and they were talking in German.

There was a pink hjiab wearing woman took a street photo and there was a man wearing a Simpson family image clothes. I was not sure if that was one of the gang stalking skit of something people mimic what their target would do and they would say they saw someone talking a photo. Well, I just wanted to see if that woman did the gang stalking skit or not and took her photo and what she took a photo... as the evidence only.

Later, I saw a man wearing Tokyo logo clothes walking. I thought that man could be helping the real estate swindling business and engaged in the false eye witnessing and counting someone non-Muslims to be a Muslim or claiming to the sex workers. He could be related with the food poisoning business.

Dunnes store beeping discrimination - part 2

I visited Dunnes store last Tuesday and I was beeped at the same Ilac Shopping Center Dunnes store at the entrance. I found it strange and I...