Saturday, April 28, 2018

Muslim stalkers from today

I often encounter Muslim groups when I visit a church or on Fridays in a Catholic country. Do they use someone else's name for the suspect/scapegoat making to be safe as Muslims? I have no idea why Muslims are targeting me with some made up suspicions such as if I skip meal till the late lunch, it would be counted as I'm participating in Ramadan or something. Catholics got fasting time and no meat days but these mafia groups add anyone who is fasting looks suspicious. Should I add Burn Korean sign to be safe from such accusation? I wish I could be safe from any Muslim accusations.
Just take out or pick on Muslims but not me, ok? I'm tired of Muslims pretending to be police informants or Muslim cops by themselves yet they are only targeting Jews, infidels, and Christians.

Fake blind people from today

I saw the blind people once again in the row after I visited a book store. How many people are actually blind and why others just pretend to be blind for awhile?

I'm tired of getting the threats of eyes damaging or fingers/legs to be damaged by the Muslim mafia groups' threat on me. Muslims hate the single independent women and they claim me to be a Muslim friend while I am anti-Islam side and had no interest to go out or even help anyone with Islamic intention in their background. Muslims only show up as a militia yet refugees and they suck up wealth of others while claiming to gain more money from the NGOs helping the poor in the area. How many Arab nations took any refugee? None. Only the loss is the Europe and the US while they did not really start the Russian War which needed more solders and that was why the Northern European countries got more Muslims to be hired for the solders. Germany united in 1989 and the problem with Palestine happened in Israel area as it was Germans who wanted the war against Scotland at that time after the Scots reduced from the west side of Poland.

If Muslims wanted to take out non-Muslims, they should do it in their own countries in the Middle East. I just got some Koreans from Zagreb Cathedral area for their Neo-Nazi activities such as the room invasion and raping on their potential political enemies. Zagreb church area has the infamous "Donj Grad" socially weak people taking out for wealth making for the police to own the church.

Poland got Jews but they would be diminishing as the police students offer help from the Islamic side. Zagreb Jews reduced due to the police massive harassment as the security clearance and even taking out extra "wealth" from individuals. Only the poor police helpers got goods as the police rented items and they can damage it for the police practice. These people got no sense of the property value yet to ask their target to abandon it for others to get the profit. Also, Lucky 50 groups who stole money in Kotor area to other location as the Muslim drug mafias moved around from Belgrade to Budapest. The same people are doing the drug trafficking jobs and stalking the same people as their scapegoat. Police informants would be a drug dealer and he would be accusing their target for further wealth taking. No one judges police these days due to the joint working system of drug trafficking and corruption together.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fake blind pretending man in Warsaw

There are many blind pretending people around for the mafia jobs on thievery and pick pocketing.

German cars from today in Warsaw

I saw a German car just showed up and passed near the free walking tour meeting point. The tour guide was mentioning the Bosnia in his talk with a British couple from London. So, Germans are still stalking me. There was a German car parked at the ghetto area as the Judenrat location. Some more German cars showed up today.

Here is the video.

KFC cheated the number of hot wings today!

KFC in the shopping mall near centrale train station cheated the number of the hot wings this time. When I visit the mall for the dinner these days, I encounter some Japanese logo wearing people or some Muslim groups around. And now I found the cheating on the food amount started. It used to be the change fraud and the amount of the potion to give to Asian customer or whatever for the reduced for the discrimination.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3 Asians showed up and there was a Muslim woman on surveillance toward me at the shopping mall in Warsaw!

I was waiting for the ice cream purchase but it was way too long and the clerk left to somewhere. It was around 8pm and was closing time for the ice cream parlor.

I saw some Asian Muslims near the metro station. So, these Muslims could be related for "Ah, I contacted the person and she said she is a Muslim" type easy tipping on the Muslim making up to avoid someone to be the scapegoat of butt checking business. Police groups often do the raid on the women or Muslims who they thought as Muslims counted in. It's like someone is thought as a Jew is counted in for Jews punishment before and even now.

German car outside of my accommodation in Warsaw and a German car at the church parking in Niepokalanow

When I went out, I saw a German car parked near my accommodation. It's on sale but I have been stalked by Germans for past 5.25 years and I can prove this stalking in Warsaw. And a blind pretending woman walking nearby for the sensitization of taking out eyes for nullifying women. Is there any law for Polish to stop German Neo-Nazi groups to stalk someone with an Israel flag? I bought a new one today.

 A German car at the train station.

A Berlin logo T-shirt man in the same train from Warsaw to Blonde? He left on the way.

Outside of Niepokalanow train station. A "D" sticker car was parked.

A German car was parked at the Niepokalanow church. St. Maximilian Kolbe built the church there and he moved to Nagasaki later and his beard was left there as the relic while his body perished in Auschwitz. By the way, the friars and workers at the church were helpful for the visitors.

When I came back, I saw a Munich car parked on the street I was heading back to my accommodation later. I used the same street for returning and saw this Munich car.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A HB Munich logo clothes man sat next to me in the bus from Budapest to Warsaw

I have been stalked by Germans since I left Munich in December 2012. And the man sat next to me in the bus from Budapest to Warsaw wore a Munich logo clothes. Enough German stalking in my case. Now I need some lawyers and organizations to ask the compensation from these German stalkers.

There was this funny masked Asian woman in the bus also.

And I saw some German cars around in Warsaw also. When I went back to my accommodation at night, I saw one MOL xx xx58? German car passed by.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Palestine stalkers

I found some Muslims often use the Hebrew logos or Palestine flags to show off their identities against the yellow Star of David badge image. I saw some of such people today after I saw the first German car on the corner of the main street. How many Jews are treated by the poisoned wine by these Palestines? I heard Weinburger did so many killing by bringing their own wine for "free" to take as the poisoned drink. Thomas Schollhammer would say that he does not care if someone drinks something free and got sick or died from it as he did not put any guarantee on it.

Poland (Porno Land) and the Neo-Nazi Polish car at Walking Bed accommodation

I had a hard time sleeping last night due to the high pitched tone noise. But I made some sleeping time till 9.30am. My check out was at 10am, so I had enough time for taking shower and put everything together.

Then, I found a damage on my bracelet I bought in Zagreb which is identical with Stepnic, Our Lady of Sinj, Medugorje BVM, etc, icons. I found St. John Paul II icon wood piece got damage on the back. Since I was wearing it from I bought it in Zagreb last week, I knew it was completely fine. So, someone damaged it last night!!!

And I found a Polish car parked at the spot where German cars showed up very often from my check-in day. Since I have been stalked by German Neo-Nazi groups, I found the Polish car owner could be highly and most likely NEO-NAZI Muslim mafia thinking his country Poland as Porno Land, the term used by the Muslim Turks for the pornography making for the Islamic debit paid by the local government for preventing the Muslims terrorism as ransom. Anyone knows the relation with the German mafia or the Neo-Nazi groups with this car owner would be welcomed to comment on this post for further information.

And the German car showed up when I just walked to the main street.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Korean groups in Zagreb city center

Whenever I visit Zagreb cathedral area, there are always Korean group around. These days,they don't use the surgical mask on one of their group member to look like the surveillance team rotating around and around.

Porto logo clothes man at Zagreb Cathedral for human trafficking

I saw an Asian man wearing Porto logo clothes showed up at Zagreb Cathedral. Porto is the location I heard from the V2K Japanese speakers that the Japanese mafia visited for the fortress building for the Muslim groups there. Japanese Muslims are from Istanbul area and they claim to be Muslim cops or take the IDs of the cops staying at Istanbul by killing them for the new replacement for the cop informants. I've heard there was a Chinese man speaking Japanese to be using the cop IDs for the microwave voice chatting and his ID holding got the max of 400 and the man was dropped out from the system.

I took a bus from Lyon where I heard the Budapest mafia like the cigar store owner pretending Japanese yakuza man owning a black Porch he stole in Montenegro stalked me to the city of the Interpol HQ. And the same mafia could be stalking me into Portugal but they moved to Porto where the Muslim gangs got their own HQ for the overthrowing the Portuguese government which is Catholic and locates in Lisbon. Shouri Nakasone is the Japanese Muslim mafia man to be in Porto for the bad Japanese Muslim figure to be noted there. Basically, these Muslim Japanese groups show up as police side to replace their suspicion on Japanese Christians. They could say the group responsibility and add someone else to be taking their bad roles while the complete stranger got nothing to do with criminals but the IDs are stolen for the criminal use. The bad thing for Shouri Nakasone is: he would be from Zagreb or Sarajevo! Thus, the man I filmed could be the actual source or resources of evil Muslim clans!!!

So, I can tell there was a rare Porto logo Asian man showed up to Zagreb. And I heard Koreans from Zagreb cathedral area actually visited Fatima in February this year while I was there. So, the Zagreb Cathedral Koreans might know something if they are related with the Porto visiting Muslim Asians and the killing of chipmunks - the Filipino women brought for the prostitution in Lisbon but got killed for their saved money sake. These bad mosque visiting cop claimers often get their money short and kill their own friends for the cannibalism. It was like "take the Porto from Portugal and take Lisu (chipmunk in Japanese) from Lisbon" joke by Shouri Nakasone Japanese Muslim Yakuza groups.

A German car outside of my accommodation after moving from Times Inn.

I moved to Movie Hotel next to Times Inn building and I still got a German car parked outside. How come? I'm glad that I check out tomorrow. Past 5.25 years was like this way. There are German cars always parked at my accommodation.

Friday, April 13, 2018

So many Asian Muslims showed up in Zagreb

I'm tired of getting stalked by Muslims and German Neo-Nazi groups who are doing the police job in the low budgets and started to steal from their targets. That was what Weimar Republic did to extend Nazism for the free women slavery to the robbing and genocides around to their strangers.
And I'm tired of these Muslim blackhundreds installed around in the cities and towns everywhere. War Tongue? The propaganda on "They say, you are" is installed around to claim someone as Muslim. I carry a Jewish Museum Vienna logo bag with me but the corrupted money seeking police are claiming me to be a Muslim. That is how the reality is. Muslims do the infidels to tell lies as a right thing, so the police corrupted with the Muslim police groups everywhere.

HIR d.o.o. as the Neo-Nazi company helping the Neo-Nazis to stalk me in my accommodation in Zagreb

"Kojima Okayama" logo clothes man at the HIR d.o.o. at my building. I've heard mosques in Sojya city n Okayama prefecture in Japan caused the robbing and slaughters around in Kotor to other areas as foreign officers to do the real estate mafia work. And I've heard the mind machine installed in Kasaoka city to go around to Kojima region of Okayama prefecture to make people to leave things accidentally for the theft by the officers. Kojima could be related with Tamano city cops from Okayama region for the mass killing by the police exercises on Christians. They HIR could be involved with the past "Raft program" of the detainees to be the musicians to play in Medugorje and later their fund for the living stolen to build a fish store called Cogima in Kotor, Motenegro. Do they kill others around? I saw a German car parked nearby and the V2K speakers told me that it got UCB students killed marks on the tire area.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Theft baiting at Kino Tuškanac

I saw someone left a denim jacket and a bag at a seat not far from where I sat for the JFF free video watching on Tuesday.

Later, I saw the same denim jacket and the bags left on a chair near the entrance to the theater.

Later, there was an Asian woman showed up and stood near the bags and the clothes. It was just before the last movie or the second to the last. No Asians around except me till that time, I think.

I'm tired of the false accusations like someone is a Muslim shows up and report about one's own or thief shows up and claim someone at the spot stole something. I'm tied of the theft and reporting, so I guess this Asian woman on the photo to be engaged in some kinds of the criminal activities such as the ID thefts, fraud, and human trafficking.

German car parked outside of my accommodation and a German speaking begger

German car is parked outside of my accommodation. It has been going on for 6 years now. I don't know why German car is there but I've heard from the microwave hearing people that the car is related with the UCB students disappearance. 

I saw this begging German speaking woman near the Mexican restaurant tonight. She first asked me in Croatian and then English. But she actually speaks German!!! Why does German begging in Zagreb at night???

Monday, April 9, 2018

German cars in Zagreb these days - too many to address everything

Here are samples of German cars from past few days in Zagreb. I cannot post all the cars now because there are way too many for showing. I could make a database also for the fast evidence showing like the Holocaust victim lists and faces in a museum. This one is a real Stasi type bad guys faces or cars instead.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

I went to DruckBox and talked with a man. He said that he tried to make 2 copies of the prints but only one turned out. He had been rubbing ...