Friday, February 16, 2018

Lost backpack in Lisbon

When I was in Moriz park in Lisbon after my Fatima visit, someone stole my backpack with everything inside. There are still Germans around eveven in the police station I saw a German couple sat behind of me.

Yesterday at the St. DOMINIC church, 3 German speakers sat behind of me. Not so many German cars in Lisbon but still some show up.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

So many blind or blind pretending people siting in one day at Lisbon and Fatima

I saw many blind or fake blind people for one day. The mafia maybe warning that they want to take my eyes out as it will make me completely useless against their mobbing and robbing. They also use the cotton stuffed ears as the street theater for the ear damages to make their target to be deaf as the disabled to be useless in the society. These mafia groups might be already done causing others to be blind and their real estates and jobs to be taken by their own mafia groups.

Here is the Lisbon blind or pretending to be blind people I saw today.

And at Fatima. The woman was wearing a pair of  high heeled shoes. Do you think it works with blindness??

Free Walking Tour and Muslim surveillance and Asians jumped into the tour

I took a free walking tour in morning and I saw some Muslims sat at the park where we started the tour. Not so many Muslims in Lisbon but I encountered some at the park at the time of the tour departure and later at the metro exit at the bus station where I was stalked by 4 German women. Germans and Muslims have been stalking me.

And I saw an Asian woman joined the tour and she had a cat logo bag for the "cat loving Muslim" identity. The French mafia says the Muslims as "cat" as the slang and also "pork" "pig" and for Bosnian Muslims as "crabs." During the coffee break at a cafe, she tried to sit at the same table and I rejected it. There was a solo traveling Asian man also joined the tour and as well as NY Metz clothes man. His wife was talking about Morocco trips they make.

And there were some Muslims at the tour end point and a shark image clothes reminding of the bad FBI guys. The one did COINTELPRO and other covert operations which were questionable of the human rights and so on.

German cars at Fatima

I stayed few days in Fatima. I made the reservation to the hotel not far from the bus station - Hotel Santa Mafalda  but the owner said that they are closed on the Sunday and I was able to stay in the Hotel Regina next to the sanctuary. But it seems my room, 105, seemed to have someone invaded from the bathroom metal ceiling. First day, I pushed the metal bars with the hanger and they did not move but I found them loose on the next day!!! And it seemed someone entered on the second night or the third night.

The female clerk gave me a car ride from Hotel Santa Mfalda for the check-in, but I saw a German car passed mine and its license number was FB K 1399. 

Then I saw another German car parked in the hotel next to Hotel Regina.

German car in Lisbon

I'm at the edge of the Western Europe and still there is a German car parked near my accommodation.

And I saw a group of German women in the metro to the bus station. I have been stalked by Germans all day long.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

ibis budget Lyon - Shower cap wearing woman

Here is another day seeing the cleaning woman with a shower cap on her head at my hotel. I put "do not disturb" tag and still the cleaning woman knocked my room door sometimes.

ibis Budget Lyon - a shower cap wearing cleaning woman

I caught cold like my last stay in Lyon few years ago. So, I was sick and could not move for awhile. I slept more on my hotel bed to be nullified.

I put the "do not disturb" tag on my room door but a black woman showed up and knocked my room door sometimes around late evening. It happened twice during my stay. She wore a shower cap on her head to look funny. The hotel does not provide the shower caps in the bathrooms, so she brought her own for the work.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A German car in Fatima - FB K 1399

I traveled to Fatima and saw a German car FB K 1399 around near my hotel. I made a reservation to a hotel and the hotel was closed and they offered me a hotel with one rank up.

Fatima is very very country side and the edge of Europe. So, I saw not many Muslims - just one who took the same bus from Spain left at Fatima.... I could add more information but I'm still suffering from the cold.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Blind eye and eye patched people in Lyon

I often encounter blind pretending people and eye-patched ones. They pretend to have eye problems but it is the street theater to scare the single individuals with their Muslim doctrines. These mafia act for making fun of the blind people who have no more chance of being independent or getting help.

Paul in Confluence tried to give me the wrong purchase

I encountered some problem at the shops in Confluence. First was the supermarket telling me to pay with my cards. I don't like to use my cards in the area with a mosque. I did not know anything about the mosque until I checked it on the google. I saw there is a big church near my hotel. So, I complained that I am aware of the ID thefts and I did not want to pay with my credit card. I didn't know anything about the massive card use in France. But they could get robbed once their IDs are stolen.

And then, at Paul, the clerk made a mistake of asking about the chocolate cake or something. I wanted to buy 3 bugget set for 2.50€. I saw it cheap and nice buying them in France. And I wanted to buy them today or the perpetrators would add some tooth paste water for the ruining material. So, another trouble happened.

Japanese stalkers in Lyon

I saw many Japanese stalkers in Lyon. Everyday I encounter Japanese speakers. How many Japanese live in Lyon and how often people see Japanese here? I thought they are the part of Japanese real estate mafias or such real estate mafia groups aiming to take Japanese who are engaged in artisan jobs and education.

Fourviere Brothers - Japanese graffiti in Lyon

I saw some German cars in the city.
Also, I saw many Muslims around and Japanese people are hanging around in Fourviere area and the city center. At least, I see some Japanese around everyday.

German cars in Lyon, France.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A criminal tried to pass the entrance with me for the metro ride in Milan, Italy!

When I had a problem taking the busses from Budapest to Lyon, I had a problem with the bus from Velona to Milan. The bus came had the Pagini side up and I took it to "Milan" and that was the airport. I had to take the bus to Milan bus station and I took a metro ride from the train station. At that time, there were some Asians hanging around near me for the gang stalking. If I share their facial information for the Milan related Muslim and German Neo-Nazi mafia group members, will the local police takes care of them?? Here, I make a museum for sharing about the real ex-Nazis families once again in their criminal jobs. Otherwise, how to get a criminal tries to enter with me to a metro? Everyday I have Germans stalking me for past 6 years and still I have something to share to the local police as the victim everyday!!!

How many anti-Neo-Nazi or anti-Islam people in Milan? Italy was taken by Egyptians and Muslims using "Italy" images for their own self defense to be radical Islam in the Middle East to Europe.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

I went to DruckBox and talked with a man. He said that he tried to make 2 copies of the prints but only one turned out. He had been rubbing ...