Friday, March 23, 2018

Hotel Slavija T-shirt damages x 2

On March 21st, I had a problem of making the reservation in Belgrade. 93% booked ratio around 11pm. Why this much high guests coming? But today, I found it so easy to find rooms. What was that booking and cancelling? Someone must paid a lot.

I think someone invaded my room 1517 in Hotel Slavija on March 21st night, the last day before the check out. I found some leaflets moved around as if they were with the shop ads. So, I noticed some stuff were moved around. Also, my Fatima rosaries went missing. I bought one Fatima logo one and Israel logo one from Fatima. I bought 2 pairs and one of each went missing just like my Bar stay visit with Romanian diplomat cars at a pension in Montenegro. At that time, I found my purchase Our Lady of Guadalupe medal went missing. I kept 2 pairs in my rosary case and one went missing.  My Fatima rosaries are in one rosary poach and it was in the locked suitcase.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

German speakers at the breakfast room in Hotel Slavija

So far, some German speakers sit near me and one Asian guy show up alone to the breakfast room in Hotel Slavija. Since I had problem with the credit cards and bank cards access still waiting to get them, I don't go out but to rewrite my books and recover lost files.

Here is the German speaking group sits near me.

So far, these items went missing:
1. My ASUS Transformer Mini receipt (I have the online purchase record, so this is an additional information)
2. My Max Line mouse of 30HRK value or 40HRK value in Kaufland receipt.
3. Sv. Klara shop in Zagreb - 2 John Paul 2 relic cards and 1 or 2 Sv. Klara relic cards (50HRK value)

And what was damaged was:
1. My Max Line mouse I listed above.

And who did such theft after my backpack was stolen in Moriz Park in Lisbon on Feb 14th, 2018? I have been stalked by Germans around and still Germans are nearby and thefts and damages are going on. I really need help to get rid of these thieves. And I need to get the proper compensation.

Monday, March 19, 2018

German cars from yesterday

I'm in Belgrade but I am still stalked by the German cars. I have a very bad wifi always changing address or just another network available. Not suited even for downloading Openshot program via Torrent for the video editing.

The missing stuffs and the damage of my mouse

I found my mouse damaged like an additional button when I clicked it the part popped into the mouse cavity. My mouse was always in my bag and I found my Asus Transformer Mini receipt and the mouse one from Zagreb missing. I have the extra hard drive receipt in my bag only. So, someone stole them for the false stolen claims. I ordered them online and paid online. So, I have the receipts about them. I saw a short Asian guy at the breakfast room and he moved around 3 times to change his table. He could be the one did something sneaky. He was moving his hands quite good like a pickpocket or a magician. So, he might be the culprit. I had no trouble with my mouse before.

This mouse cost me 30HRK - would be 40HRK in Kaufland. So, if you feel for the donation, that will help me by a new one, smaller or skeleton type.

And this is the culprit guy.

Or this one who sat behind of me for the knife throwing yesterday.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

German cars outside of my hotel

This is the 6th year of German mafias stalking me. Look at Bosnian and Nazi mafia in Zagreb stalking me. I have heard that Munchener Thomas Schollhammer mafia group is responsible for the stalking in Croatia areas. I contact the local police for their mafia activities.

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