Sunday, May 27, 2018

Assorted German and Bosnian mafia cars in Zemun area in Serbia.

There were 2 Bosnian cars parked at my accommodation. And some German cars were always on the road when I walked to the nearby supermarket. I heard Bosnians moved to Belgium for the NATO war propaganda against Russia and its related countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia or whatever with Kiril language zone not Muslims. Germany is no more working to the direct intervention on NATO but Bosnian Germans. When they start the war from Kosovo-Macedonia dispute, the Kosovo revels (Jap and Bulgarian SDFs) goes anti clockwise to Greece and Bulgaria. Thus, the Indian Muslim guy on the top chief funding  at United Nation Sarajevo will make more money by sending Turkish troops for War Money or Turkish Oil making after Budva bankrupt by Turks and Herceg Novi for the Jap agricultrual business ruined the soil by adding the radiactive component as Japanese style to start over like after the war to see how the war zone rebuilt from scratch in an European nation. I heard Kiko from the Japanese royal family is responsible for that joke. Anyway, bad Muslim guys and German Muslim supporters are trooping around and robbing. For the Serbs, I heard only the east of Nis is safe in Serbia as to have less problem with Bulgaria. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Some German cars in Zemun area.

Got some German cars around in my accommodation area in Belgrade.

Here, there was a car with Leon as the company name parked near my accommodation. How often a German company related with clothes to be in Belgrade? And how often a company is named as Leon?? Leon Stork, Leon Haguki, Leon Hazuki, Leon Kazuki, Leon Yoshiki, and so on. The same mafia group sharing the same first name derived after joining the Japanese military team in Germany and stalking around for the robbing and mobbing with the Islamic backup. I contacted the local police bought the suspicious company from Germany.

2 German cars going ahead of my bus in Belgrade

I took a bus and saw the 2 German cars in front of my bus. German cars were traveling in front of my bus, so it was not to be counted as stalking yet it's just strange to me seeing them like this way.

Enough Germans around, huh?

And the second one.

Scary black masked Asian pair from Budapest to Belgrade

I think there are some Asian mafia groups living in Budapest stalking me. They could be engaged in the room invasions in the city. When I took a bus from Budapest to Warsaw, I saw one woman wearing a mask in the bus. And this time, I took a bus from Budapest to Belgrade and saw an Asian woman again wearing a mask.

I heard that there is a mafia thug named Leon Haguki - the same guy as Leon Stork or his friend using his first name to add his mafia clan image better as all the crime added with Leon's name. Haguki means the dental gum in Japanese. So, the person with such a name would have no teeth at all to get a special set of denture for their mafia job such as a raping woman bit the victim with the bite mark yet it was denture of someone else to be the culprit. So, the Asian woman in the video below might be one of such woman with the large teeth set looks like an animal or showing the fake dental gum while smiling.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Blind people I saw at the metro at the day of arrival to Budapest. Some Chinese character tattoo people around. Some mafias are making money from the baseball stadium and players making frauds by stealing the money and disabling people to steal their estates. Horse is often used by the metapher or of to fly high image from the past like the arch making. A horse can make a arch by flying and something like the horse for the image of something.

McDonalds at Vaci street with so many BicMac with Bacon left on the shelf

Here, I tried to order BicMac menu but it came like BicMac on the shelf were all BicMac with Bacon. It was the opposite usually. I tried to order something already ready and somehow it was not there. So, I threw away to the floor for avoiding the poisoning.

German and Czech cars and Ryota Shimba Japanese man at my accommodation in Budapest

I moved to Budapest yesterday from Krakow after the problem of missing ticket and 30min delayed bus. There is a German car and a Czech car at my accommodation. How often people get Czech and German cars at the accommodation? 
"1AP 4497" Czech car. "M X 6759" Munich car near the metro station and "IN JA 371" parked at my accommodation. And there would be a Japanese called Ryota Shimba to be at my accommodation from today, the old owner said. He tried to hug me on the shoulder like the way the V2K speakers told me.The V2K speakers said that there were some killing happened at Kotor church by two people involved. One tried to hug a solo person sitting next to him and another to stub the person on the stomach. In this case, the hugging person looks like the person to be about to killed from his view only when the hugged one tried to pull out the knife on one's stomach. This is how the old people were killed in the churches. So, it could be something related for the hugging by the old owner if he was asked to kill me by one person at his apartment. Here is the actual recording of someone to be another Japanese in the apartment. I heard they might be the killers. German car and Czech car there. And a Japanese for pretending to be me for the ID theft for the Chinese militants who would be starting the war from this Summer or later with so many IS groups in Norway and Sweden - they prepared for the war to Russia but failed as no chance on breaking the treaty. But these militants are so many and they steal others IDs to work on crimes and just be around in the cities while the victims are becoming jobless and homeless.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Czech cars in Katowice

I stayed at Hotel Katowice for few nights and I found some German cars parked outside. And one Czech car parked there also to back up my story of how Czech with the Chinese militants funded people are looking for the 173cm or taller women in Poland for the porno making.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

German cars outside of my accommodation in Warsaw and Katowice in Poland

I have been stalked by German cars everyday since December 2012 and the situation is still the same. Yes, everyday. Everyday, I find at least one German car outside of my accommodation.

Here, a German car outside of Tapir Hostel in Warsaw.

And here is the German car outside of my hotel in Katowice. Everyday is like this for past 6 years. Now tell me how to get a normal life without these Nazis using my name for bringing Muslim groups in for the mobbing and even adding the victim to be the Muslim for the police money making. A Jew would be counted as a Muslim while Muslims are invited into the town. Thus, one Jew dies and others praise the Muslims for the "Muslim hunting." Infidels - all included in, Jews, Catholics, Sisters, Workers, Students, Singers, Writers, Journalists, etc, unless they are recognized to be respected by the local mosques. Muslim police invade anybody's rooms and rape the women for infidel searching.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Czech and French Army groups around.

Sometimes, gangs bring the certain people to be working in one case. Czech mafia could be around in Warsaw area for finding the tall women and they would be causing the solo living or traveling women to be blinded and their wealth to be stolen. There was also the pack of French Army from Serbia after they did the raping jobs in the country. These people could be working together with the German Muslims for stripping off "children-like" easy to follow others good hearted people swindling abroad. There are a Swedish and a German cars parked parked near my accommodation.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

German cars in Warsaw

I encounter some German cars everyday and the situation is the same in Warsaw. At least, I put some posters and the German car parked outside of my accommodation disappeared. Dutch cars have the wheel for the cannabis hiding place for moving around in Europe as "Narco-Tech" to teach cannabis as Drug Dealer/Drug Searcher.

Falun Gong group in Warsaw

Some police backup teams suddenly show up for the surveillance or the location taking for their own atmosphere making. Falun Gong is often known to be the enemy of Chinese communist government. But who are helpers and why they are capable of showing their faces in public is the strange issue. For example, I have been targeted by the German Neo-Nazi groups and Anti-Japan Chinese or Koreans. Communist Chinese police has their own Christian pretending people to monitor in the churches and they take out the real believers. If someone believes in religion, they are taken out. Thus, the police got jobs on telling theory only groups to be representing the religious people in China or anywhere these days.

And what about Falun Gong? See these people in Poland for the persecution or whatever. I'm not really into anything like Falun Gong or anything exotic. I would be Roman Catholic as a baptized Christian and got no chastity problem as I go out only with conservative people if I can find any and only the matter is the theft and room invasion in my case. Why these Falun Gong groups are freely sharing their thoughts without getting their life messed up by the Chinese militants who are doing the police exercises abroad? Try to work on these people who are actively activists and not me who are seeking money and safe life for the compensation from the damage causing mafia groups and police wannabe informants who are actually the crime makers.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

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