Sunday, October 28, 2018

Francis Apartments or Francis Court asking the credit card copy

When I went to Francis Apartments/Francis Court, the clerk asked me to show my passport and my credit card that I paid for the rent. Since I did not bring the credit card with me for this trip, I had problem check-in. The clerk contacted the JCC for the issue. Well, if my card is not confirmed, they cannot charge me. So, that was the logic I wrote to TripAdvisor and some organizations. But what is the matter of copying some credit card information? Do they engage in the phishing?

A man asked about the donation location in the church

The mass was 1 hour late and a man showed up alone with some coins on his hand. He asked me where to donate the coins and I suggested to put the coins in the donation box. Is it a prostitute seeker or something? I heard this church got some incident of killing Chinese alike and someone went to New York got a replacement of the person and went back to work in the church.

Thomas Schollhammer looking people showed up at the Catholic church in Larnaca

I visited the Catholic church today for the evening mass. And there was a group of German speakers sat in front of my bench. One man looked like Thomas Schollhammer, the Munich drug dealer who was selling cannabis for 8€ a packet and renting a room on I heard Thomas Schollhammer and his family and Leon Stork would be working for the real estate swindling business by killing locals and take the place and wealth for their own as the police eviction model. It's in Cyprus and still some Germans are stalking.

German car showed up in Larnaca, Cyprus

Here is the German car traveling from Larnaca to west in Cyprus. Finally, it stopped at the bakery I visited, and I took a photo. By the way, I heard a Lebanese student stayed in Rise Hotel was making an explosive from the chemicals while she gave 10,000€ for the help. It was the same school attending woman. And she was planning to bomb the shopping malls in Cyprus. So, some drama about terrorism happened near me. And what about the German car doing near the school? I bet that is one of the German mafia group called RANTZ for the real estate swindling.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The same Decathron blue color towel at the roof top pool at Elysso Hotel yesterday

I'm not sure if the same towel owning is used for the theft claim and the room invasion last night. But I heard it's common for the mafias for harassing Muslim-hating people like PEGIDA members. The gangs bring the same item the target owns and claim their stolen despite of just borrowing from someone and claiming it. I bought mine in Decathlon in Budapest. Was it the same towel pretending to be stolen and my room invaded last night? In such case, I just share these women and their towel to the police for the additional clue of the room invaders. These women might be invaded my room!

And I saw the same blue towel before around the World Cup time in Zagreb at the shared bathroom in one of the hostel at the westend from the city center.

Elysso Hotel and the room invasion on October 18th

I found someone damaged my Catholic bracelet once again. The last time was at Walking Bed Guesthouse in Budapest and someone damaged St. John Paul II's wooden piece on it. And this time, someone ripped off two seals next to St. John Paul II's seal. It happened after Wednesday as I saw my bracelet during the Greek lesson on Wednesday and it was perfect at that time. And the sealing is quite hard to peal off. And how this happened?

And there was this loose string on my Guinness beanie. I put both in the bag last night and kept them next at the hotel pool.

And the cleaning ladies got some weird hat and towel use or covering the heads during the pool cleaning yesterday.

And I found some shit like stain on my hotel towel also happened yesterday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Metro clerk and customers acting like the shoplifter claim

I visited Metro after the Sunday evening mass in Larnaca and I encountered the clerk next to my cashier dropped some goods on the counter next to the cash register on her side. And she brought them back after she chatted to the last customer she served. Few customers blocked the exit as well as the sign of some kinds of the covert operation was going on. So, I filed it. Are they engaged in the false shoplifter claims???

Well, I often encounter hand injured people for the sensitization of the thieves images. But why few hand injured people would be around on one day?

WN XB 9385? is the German car in Larnaca, Cyprus

WN XB 9385 would be the German car traveling around in Larnaca and I sighted few times during September to October. I encounter it at night, so I have problem filming it.

Asian woman taking the same bus no matter I changed the departure time

I saw the same Asian looking woman taking the same bus one hour early on Monday. I think she might be at the same hotel before and I saw her with a very short Asian woman speaking Chinese. Well, I saw another Asian woman alone taking a bus these days. And the Voice To Skull people warned me of the sudden assault on me during the Greek lesson time by an Indian or another intruder entering and killing me for the Muslim exercise. Well, I'm careful of the people around me when I am away from my room and I look my bags and always keep them aside.

A German car in Larnaca, Cyprus few days ago

When I was waiting bus on Monday, I saw a German licensed car showed up and passed. I heard Germans are invading from the Northern Cyprus to the south for bringing their cars. There are still some UK cars around as well. I heard some people are killing foreigners in the rural areas in Cyprus for the war exercises from last year or something.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

I went to DruckBox and talked with a man. He said that he tried to make 2 copies of the prints but only one turned out. He had been rubbing ...