Sunday, July 22, 2018

So many Muslims at the Shanklin Beach these days

I saw many Indians visiting Shanklin for past few days. And then, I found so many Muslim groups visiting Shanklin in the Isle of Wight. I thought the location is a way too rural and would be safe from the German stalkers. But here, there were many Muslims showed up.

I saw a Muslim group cooking the BBQ in the parking lot. Is it legal to cook something there? I don' think so.

And so many Muslims acting strange like wearing clothes and heading to the water. Are they suicidal or what?

And they got naked running kids old enough to have the libido line checks.

Are they the Muslims working with the German mafia groups?

German cars in Shanklin today.

There were more German cars showed up in Shanklin, a small village famous of Charles Darwin's book writing spot and other famous poets such as Longfellow and Keats. How can they bring these German cars around in UK?

Here, a German car was parked outside of my hotel.

A Berlin car in the old town.

A German car near the Crab Inn.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

German car and Dutch car in Shanklin

Just like at Celic Apart accommodation in Zagreb before my my flights to UK, I encountered these German car and Dutch car at Isle of Wight. Well, there are only few cars to show up from abroad but I still encounter German cars everyday in UK. How come? I saw one yesterday and today... how could it happen?

And there was this male group cooking BBQ in the parking lot near the Lift in shanklin. It reminded me of the Syrian refugees in TV. But they could be just there as the homeless figures and eye witnesses.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

German car and German truck in London!

Here, this is the legendary German car and German truck showed up in London! How often Germans bring their cars to UK? Not so many, huh? So, I can prove their real stalking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tokyo logo man and the German group around me

I'm in London and checking if anyone can help me for the German stalking issues. The good thing is that Japanese Turkish related mafia groups are engaged in the property swindling by killing retired UK people in Macedonia and other areas. There are some UK groups stalking with Germans but they are engaged to get around with German cars only. It's like Polish cars showed up with Czech cars after I saw Pornoland snuff video on 173cm or taller Polish women suited for the police and security jobs hunting by the Chinese militants funded Czech mafia groups showed up in Warsaw, Katowice, and Krakow... and to Belgrade and Trogir and back in Budapest.... So, I only see some packs of the same groups around sometimes and that is the criminal clues.

Today, I was around Tottenham Court to buy a new musical instrument. And a German group showed up at the bus stop and they were talking in German.

There was a pink hjiab wearing woman took a street photo and there was a man wearing a Simpson family image clothes. I was not sure if that was one of the gang stalking skit of something people mimic what their target would do and they would say they saw someone talking a photo. Well, I just wanted to see if that woman did the gang stalking skit or not and took her photo and what she took a photo... as the evidence only.

Later, I saw a man wearing Tokyo logo clothes walking. I thought that man could be helping the real estate swindling business and engaged in the false eye witnessing and counting someone non-Muslims to be a Muslim or claiming to the sex workers. He could be related with the food poisoning business.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Some shops making the security alarms on at the entrances

After someone stole my sunglasses on my way from the Zagreb Cathedral to the tram stop at the square, I went to the Arena Mall. I found the alarm was on at the entrance of the electric store there. I tried in few more stores and they got alarms on even at Spar. I don't know why that happened but it was really the discrimination going on. Enough discrimination going on in the shopping mall. How could I get a compensation from such discrimination??? I'm contacting the local police for the antisemitism like discrimination.

Some suspicious Muslims showed up in Zagreb Cathedral and I lost my sunglasses after the mass

I attended the morning mass in the Zagreb Cathedral and I saw some Muslims showed up to the Cathedral later. I wanted to buy something in the souvenir shop before the football match and I took off the muffler to enter a store. But it was so crowded and I did not really get inside. And I tried to put the muffler on. At that time, I heard this Voice To Skull taunting of "stealing" issues on my muffler which I was wearing from the past matches. And then, I found my sunglasses went missing when I took a tram. It was like someone stole something valuable as identical and expensive looking for the money and profits. Did these Muslims steal my sunglasses and used it as if claiming to be me? Some items would be too identical in the area for someone to mistake the person to be someone else. I'm tired of Muslims stalking me and even the ID theft problems.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Celic Apartment with so many German cars from the check-in

I arrived to Celic Apartment accommodation yesterday and a German pickup showed up outside. And there was no running water this morning and I saw some new shower heads installation going on in another room. Turkish Oil - dirty water pouring to the victim's head Islamic harassment going for the guests?

At night, I saw a German car parked outside and it was from Munich. Any connection with Thomas Schollhammer's drug cartel from Munich???

After the Indians left at the border, a middle age white couple tried to change the seats

After the Indian couple left at the Hungary-Croatia border by taxi, this couple tried to sit next to me. There were 2 free seats in the bus after 2 left. But the man tried to sit next to me. Was it for the theft claim or sexually molesting claim making up? Why a man tries to sit next to me in the same bus?

FlixBus Hungary-Croatia trip with suspicious groups on July 11th, 2018

Yesterday in the bus from Budapest to Zagreb, I saw the bus was fully booked and half of the passengers were Koreans. There was a Japanese couple in the bus also. The Indian man of the couple tried to sit next to me. I'm Islamphobia and I get nervous seeing Muslim type faces or even getting closer to them. But it happened that the Indian guy tried to sit next to me. I left and sat next to the Korean woman whose facial feature is similar to mine. At the Hungary-Croatia boarder, the Indian couple was caught and they were asked to leave by a taxi. They had a large suitcase. Meanwhile, the V2K speakers told me that the Indian couple has the fake ID and the Macedonian origin Spanish man is using the fake ID to pass through the border after killing people. I heard the shoe size and the hair DNA check with his mother are the crew for showing the proofs. And the Japanese man called Akira and his girl were caught for the Schengen visa problem yet they could pass to Croatia. Me? I'm tourist state and was ok to be another a week in Croatia. Others got problem but why I get in trouble with these mafia groups? I heard the Koreans in the bus were responsible for the local Catholic group killing in Kotor area in Montenegro. The Japanese couple would head to Kotor for the slaughterhouse and hotel owner pretending job in future.

And there was this masked Korean man in the same bus. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Schollhammer family would be engaged in the drug business in Munich. I contacted their cannabis consumption when I rented a room in their 3 bed room apartment in 2012. I heard Daniel Schollhammer was selling cannabis for 8€ a packet in the clinex pack. Leon Stork was cultivating the cannabis by keeping the small one in the cylinder bottle case and hid it in bed frame pole for their drug business around 2012. Well, Daniel Schollhammer might be migrated to Australia or somewhere but he often use the fake IDs. Look at his strange Tokyo University connection and later the strange transfer and even graduation in the same year. Daniel was 19 years old and did not get the high school degree in 2012. All bad things happened to me by just living in the wrong location in Munich. Thomas Schollhammer might be engaged in the Tuxedo job in Istanbul for finding the hidden Muslims but what he did was wearing the nice clothes like the God Father mafia and he stole the taxi cars by asking to let him drive for awhile with the money hidden in another taxi drivers' seats. And he took out the taxis that are not helping the German mafias. And later, the Schollhammer group with the real Munich mafias to be in Budva, Risan, Kotor, and other location car thefts from the tourists which ended as the common job for the tourist organizations in Romania these days.  He had the car sales ads on the different clone FB page located in Austria. But he deleted the information in order to keep his image safe. However, Thomas Schollhammer still has the work opportunity ads ready for the swindling. Watch out for the military based 'aim centered' swindling business. Munich mafia sells cannabis and they could catch the people purchase their cannabis. Car thefts and other crimes for funding the cop killer groups in the same way.

Leon Stork hides his own FaceBook and others photos yet still one left

I found Leon Stork deleted or switched his FB and other account information after some rumors going on as Leon wanted to be the professional spy and claimed to be working in the future scenario groups. Leon would be the cloned person with other BND people at the Munich Tech location. The terror is that they could be killed and replaced by the same DNA person. So, some people started working in vandalism jobs. And still, there was one left at his Twitter. So, I share it here. Is he stalking me with other German cars from Munich? There are fake Leon Stork FB sites about boxing or car racer jobs with different faces. If my knowledge is right, Leon was around 15 or 16 years old at the time of 2012. He graduated from the Japanese language high school in Munich. And he would be living in Ost Bahnhof area or somewhere and works as the supermarket clerk or security but he often threw the store items to the just-paid customers often of the old ages or middle class women heading toward the parking lot and the Leon's thug will catch the person by claiming the store item theft. How many customers were punished by his mafia clan? And is he engaged in the German mafia groups for the raping women from the Catholic background and name theft to be in the Japanese SDF or Public Safety with German language ability? I heard he would be chosen to be working in the Ministry of Culture or somewhere after killing so many Japanese migrants in South America to the US and Europe.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Asian woman tried to take a seat next to me with the same drink at Black Dog tonight.

I went to Black Dog near the Great Synagogue for the Croatia-Russia match and there were so many Russian fans showed up. Then, this Asian woman alone showed up ordering Mojito like me. But she wanted to sit next to me which I refused. I have been worried about so many thieves around. So, I thought she came as the ID thief and she would be stealing my stuffs. She was hanging around alone. So, I thought she was one of the professional pickpockets and thieves around.

By the way, the bartender did not have no Schweppes today. He did not have ciders at all. So, there was the limited choice of the drinks only. At least, nothing seemed to be stolen but some strange people showed up in the South American costumes and such. Also, a man came and asked about the missing wallet and the bartender kept it in the bar drawer. So, someone lost a wallet and it was found in the bar.

German car parked outside of my accommodation in Hungary

I took a ride to Budapest and I saw a German car parked on the same street where my accommodation stands. Germans often show up for the stalking in the similar manner. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

T-Mobile vending machine cheat and no returning of my money

I tried to make the payment at the T-Mobile store vending machine. But it got some white screen and resetting to the default screen. So, I filmed the situation. Later, I put 200kuna into the machine and the screen turned out to the default screen! And it showed no sign of my money to be in the deposit at all!! But I complained it to the clerk and the clerk fixed the situation by just asking me to pay the extra money for the payment only. So, I paid the right sum and it was done. I thought my 200kuna bank note was stolen by such hacking of the vending machine.

Kazdu logo bandana youth group taunting with Sweden chant at Switzerland-Sweden World Cup Match screen site

I was watching Swiss vs Sweden match at the main square in Zagreb. And there was  man wearing Yoshida Japanese logo football uniform and he was playing with a ball sometimes in front of a girl scout group. Meanwhile, these Kazdu bandana group showed up shouting Sweden and walking around. Luckily, my stuff was not damaged.
I heard these kids were helping Japanese groups and they would be the next target of the human organ trafficking victims for Fukushima and Tokyo kids.

Strange Japanese groups in Arena Mall in Zagreb

Yesterday, I visited Arena Mall. I saw some Japanese groups suddenly showed up in Spar shopping center inside while there were long waiting line to the cashier inside. Then, I found some these Japanese logo people showed up. It was already 8pm and there was the Japan vs Portugal match was going on for the World Cup. I saw them walking back to the bus and tram station way when I sat at the bench outside after walking and waiting on the cashier line too long and I was tired. These people wore Japanese flags but they don't watch the football match at all. Why these people showed up and even talking about Giran, something like the Ultraman kids' show monster.

Last time I heard about Giran was someone on the Voice to Skull microwave forced voice hearing and it was about someone nicknamed as Gajumaro-kun as Okinawa cop group man to be frozen and thrown from the economic rain air craft as the giant snowball toward Salata area in Zagreb. The man got Giran small toy on his body as the ID issue of where he dropped. So, if someone died around Salata by thrown away from an airplane, these people might be responsible.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

I went to DruckBox and talked with a man. He said that he tried to make 2 copies of the prints but only one turned out. He had been rubbing ...