Saturday, July 7, 2018

Asian woman tried to take a seat next to me with the same drink at Black Dog tonight.

I went to Black Dog near the Great Synagogue for the Croatia-Russia match and there were so many Russian fans showed up. Then, this Asian woman alone showed up ordering Mojito like me. But she wanted to sit next to me which I refused. I have been worried about so many thieves around. So, I thought she came as the ID thief and she would be stealing my stuffs. She was hanging around alone. So, I thought she was one of the professional pickpockets and thieves around.

By the way, the bartender did not have no Schweppes today. He did not have ciders at all. So, there was the limited choice of the drinks only. At least, nothing seemed to be stolen but some strange people showed up in the South American costumes and such. Also, a man came and asked about the missing wallet and the bartender kept it in the bar drawer. So, someone lost a wallet and it was found in the bar.

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