Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Munich mafia car from today in Budapest

I still got German cars showing up to my accommodation area and even at the spot where I traveled.

Muslim groups. They might be from Kosovo and would be working with the Japanese SDF stationed in Pula, Skopje and Bulgaria for the further war making by pretending to attack Kosovo from Skopje yet to go anti-clockwise to get around to assault Athens to bring Turkish militants to join their Muslim team in Macedonia as well as to get to Bulgaria to bring their own SDF force for moving their army to seize Nis for the new capital of Serbia after gathering Montenegro, Skopje, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia. 

To prove the above story, I can show how far Turkish Muslim backed up mafia is stalking me from Serbia in Budapest.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Forex Hacked Pro 1.20 is the every losing money EA robot

I saw Forex Hacked Pro 1.20 working and it was still making TPs. And I did not really check what was going on. And I figured out it was the ever losing strategy built EA robot program. Here is why:
1. It's TP is less than 2€ for 0.01 lot (10€). So, if the trade makes the profit, the maximum is less than 2€ setting. Normally, there should not be a TP that low for the trading. 1.5-2.9€ is the actual price for each trade to start with as the transaction fees for each trade of 10€ plus.  Meanwhile, the trading loss could be over 50€ for sure. So, the profit and loss range is like +2€ to -80€. There is no way a profit making unless the OBOS is 92% or more to keep the trading direction in the same way.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Forex Hacked with 14 digits earnings and working without activtion

The actual fraud to be recorded on the film. EA working even I disactivated it!!! And "earnings" showing 14 digit numbers!!! On January 19th, I bought Forex Hacked and applied it to my easyMarkets.com REAL account. It started from 650€ and increased to 1180€ within few days. Then all crashed by January 24th night. I found the Forex Hacked EA with a false "earnings" showing in 14 digits numbers. Also, the EA was working even after I disactivated it and was showing the sad smiley. The "earnings" was moving when there was no GBPUSD trade nor EA not activated. Forex Hacked fraud on easyMarkets MT4 trading platform filmed. I use IronFX as with Volatility Factor 2.0 and Forex Hacked Pro. This one does not get any strange "earnngs" to be moving around but made a small drops and even making more drops of the deposits now.


14 digits earnings showing on Forex Hacked on my VPS. I need to find a lawyer to get the compensation from this fraud by... easyMarkets? or Forex Hacked company? If I could get help properly to solve the problem, I might get enough compensation money to build the museum as well as solving the Forex problem..

Due to the extra problems, I need to find a lawyer to handle the case. If it was going automatically with Forex Hacked, then it was the easy one way up for making the museum building cost.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Asian Muslims on surveillance in Budapest II

Another Asian Muslims on surveillance in Budapest.  It would be easier for me to identify these Muslims and why they are around in Budapest as the statistical view of the encountering ratio.

And how many are knowing about me for the CRAM program target??? I'm just telling who are the Muslims around in Budapest with my photos and I'm with the Jewish Museum logo bag in the city.

Asian Muslims on surveillance in Budapest

How many Asian Muslims living in Budapest? I bet not so many. But I have been stalked by the Muslims very often and they could be hired by the German Neo-Nazi groups' "say it as your friend" program. When the Muslims claim someone as a Muslim, the target is under the surveillance. Thus, the Muslims and the mafia could only make profit from robbing and searching the target's belongings. 

German Neo-Nazi cars in Budapest from yesterday.

Some German cars from Budapest. I saw Germans around everyday. At least, Ibis and another hotel near Corvin Plaza got one German car parked outside each. I checked in nearby. There was a fake blind woman walking for the blind warning. I have been threatened by the Muslim groups who threaten women for the blind to be ruined by the real estate mafia.

easyMarkets.com account crashed by Forex Hacked EA robot within a week!!!

I have been trying to make some earning to cover my living cost since last November. But it did not really work with easyMarkets. My first deposit was crashed after a month and the second one was the same. And later, I found this crashing cycle became shorter. The third one was crashed within a week.

And I made the deposit on January 17th and it was 600€. And I added Forex Hacked program on January 19th. And it was working to make money up to 1180€ within few days. And then.... on January 24th, I saw my account balance only 283€ or something. It was 1000€ missing like a bad dream.

And Forex Hacked program had a strange negative number profit. How come I had such a huge balance loss on 600€ deposit trading??? Forex Hacked was hacked??? Since the last trade lasted for a week long and this one also. So, I thought it was done by some kinds of the cheating program by the third party.

German Neo-Nazi Car Lists On Sale! Poster for 2018

I have been posting around the German Neo-Nazi Car Lists On Sale posters in my neighborhood. But Germans have been stalking me all the time. Here is the list for this year including the sales of the German car 2017 sales. Everyday Germans showing up for past 5 years. Enough got get a political asylum by this year somewhere. Alas, Germans and Muslims are way too many in any political backups, so I cannot find help. I'm hoping to be one of the neutral citizen of some Asian trace or South American background to be safe somewhere on the Earth....

I'm not a Muslim. But I have been stalked by Muslims and Neo-Nazi Germans like the time of the WWII Gestapo stalking.  Any donation to get a museum building will help me as I would be selling the information of 21st Century Neo-Nazism on the individuals. I want to have my human right back to be a normal educated citizen somewhere with the Nazis persecution memory.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

German cars from Bucharest-Cluj Napoca trip

I'm heading to Budapest after my trip from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca. Because of the German stalking and mobbing by the locals, I cannot get a proper help anywhere I go. I'm much in danger from the Neo-Nazi groups than the average war-avoiding Syrians. Why can't I get help like these refugees? So, I'm selling my books and the mafia information to get enough fund for the permanent resident status.

These are the cars at Hello Hotel. I think Hello Hotel room 418 had some room invasions by the mafia groups. I found my wallet with Croatian coins as if someone removed coins from other location to put it in to my wallet for the prank.

And on the way from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca. German cars showed up near the bus stops.

And there was this Chinese bus was driving ahead of my bus. Is this related with the Chinese mafia groups with Muslims? I've heard Bosnian and Serbian Chinese Muslims are engaged in the stalking and the harassment in Budapest to Romania. These Muslims would claim to be the father or mother figure of their target like the typical "Muslim terrorist old man or old mother figure for the cult recruiting or cult hunting other religion people like Jews and Christians for their Jihard and torturing purposes."

And a German car parked at Cluj Napoca already. And I saw another one outside of my hotel. Enough Germans for past few days.

And today's German car outside. I saw the American? car at the train station. Also a Spanish car around. Is this Spanish car related with the Shigisoara's rotten and fresh tomatoes for 70% ratio with the decomposed human meat of 30% which makes the puree as tomatoes in the chemical compound level.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yuuki Shimizu, Professor Yamagishi (or Professor Nogishi) and some other Muslim Mafia goups in Bucharest area

I have heard that there is a pony tale slender woman called Yuuki Shimizu to be around in Romania as "amu amu" or "nomu nomu" nickname and she has been around for the ID check of others and slipping her name and the one she has checked to be added as the mosque visitor name.

Also, there is someone called as Professor Yamagishi or the real name Nogishi for the medical students to be working in the law farm he created as the fraud maker to be responsible on the student visa taking purpose by selling the fraud images.

Also, I heard about the Muslim visiness of the defect electric things seller as "Grind Busienss" and selling defect manterials with no replacement nor no return policy for the swindling. Muslims hate electronic devices and they like to sell the defect materials for their hiral or other Islamic regulation in Bucharest to Budapest area. So, it is better to buy things at the large shops with proper policy.

Friday, January 19, 2018

German cars and "D" sticker cars near my hotel from yesterday

I saw a "D" sticker car parked outside of the mini store across the Gara de Nord train station.

And today, I saw a German car parked at the hotel and a "D" sticker car and a bus parked at the hotel. How could I see "D" sticker vehicles everyday in Bucharest?

This is the 6th year of the German Neo-Nazi groups stalking me everywhere in Europe everyday. Enough stalking happened to me in my life already and I'm seeking the actual governmental help somewhere to give me a new name with a new nationality to avoid any Japanese German or German Neo-Nazi mafia groups in my life.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kenichi Satake and the War Game in Dubrovnik

I've heard Kenichi Satake (or Hatake) is the optician from Shinjyuku area in Japan. He would be living in Croatia to Montenegro as a long time Navy officer and the covert operation makers. I've heard the Japanese SDF and Navy make jokes of the Croats of two types - kuro and shiro. Kuro or Cro means to be black in Japanese and it also means to be the real wannabe Croat figure with the proper Croat cultures. On the other hand, shiro or white meant to be Croats who want to migrated somewhere else or to have another culture as their knowledge base such as Italians. So, the Japanese cops are making jokes of Cro and Shiro.

The V2K speakers told me that they will make a war game in Dubrovnik near future under Kenichi Satake's command. They would do the making the rourette with Cro and Shiro on side by side. And they decide which Shiro to be taken out by their Croatian-ness. Too Cro to be Shiro is a problem and these Japanese officers wanted to make fun of such Croat groups to be claiming as Shiro or wannabe Italians or English.

It meant the Croat rooted ones to be counted as the wannabe immigrants in Dubrovnik later for the eviction or killing by the seaside pushing down. It would happen in any land for the police joke and the military exercise of killing others equaly by the command of the police.

War Game  as the actual paranoia state without knowing what once called as terrorism nor mass killing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chinese Muslims in Bucharest and the vocal code cutting threat

I've been threatened that the Chinese Muslim stalkers in Bucharest are planing to invade my room and cut my vocal code for the voice nullification. If I cannot speak, I cannot get help but to become the terrorist victim instead!!!

So, here is the possible Asian Muslims to show. Any of them are Muslims? The mafia groups claim people wearing head to toe covering as Muslims. At least, they don't wear sandals these days, so I don't know which one is a Muslim terrorist actually dangerous. In my case, I carry "Jewish Museum Vienna" logo bag. So, you can see I am not on the Islam side at all. And I want to stay safe from such room invasion and body damage or money theft threats by the Chinese Muslims or Chinese militias in Romania.

I think this is the video of the Asian (Muslim?) groups stayed at my hotel from the day after I checked in. They could be the Muslims threatening me about the vocal code damages.

KFC at Bucharest Gare de Nord cheating on the chicken amount

When there are Muslim and German Neo-Nazi mafias are around, I often get frauds and cheated on the communication. Here, you can see how the female clerk at KFC gave me the Smart Menu instead of Smart Menu Plus one. 2 chicken stripes less!!! 

Meanwhile, there was a group of police officers sat on the corner eating a lot together. And there was some black men on another table. 

I often get treated by the mafia groups with less potions of foods or something. These Muslim mafia helpers think women should get less and the extra would be given to the Muslim mafia boys and they would claim the cheated part as given to them by the woman. That's the delusional thoughts but to make the fanatic Muslim males to be ever happy on assaulting women. It's the illogical reasoning but for the falsified reports and false witness programs in the corrupted police societies, it works. 

And how many Muslims or the corrupted police officers are working to take down the churches by the Obama's orders? I bet the same people even from the same police station aiming to take out the churches in a long run as the police officers are only targeting the non-Muslims and Christian minorities for the police studies. 

Remember who were those people engaged in the discriminations first. The segregation law makers. 

German cars at my hotel in Bucharest and the AFI mall

Here is the example of the 6th year German Neo-Nazi groups stalking evidences. Because of these Neo-Nazi groups and the Muslim terrorists stalking me, I cannot find a location to settle down.

I really need help to get rid of German cars and the Neo-Nazi groups threatening my life. It's Bucharest and its hard to find a German car around!! But still I have been stalked by the Germans every day. I've heard that Thomas Schöllhammer (TOL12) from München took a house in Obor area in Bucharest as the mafia kingpin just stealing single women's wealth by their mafia members. How many people lost their homes to these German gangs in Bucharest? They complain something as NATO by the large group and even the police officers help their mafia's company taking down!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hiromichi? Nakamaru or Hiromichi Nakayama as the Tokyo mafia guy in Croatia

I've heard Hiromichi Nakayama changed his last name to Nakamaru after he had some wild argument making to cause some people in trouble with money such as money makers to feel or think to have no more money is good in ecstasy. It manipulated the image of the people and the locals ended up getting the funding from the losers who lost money.

So, someone called Hiromichi Nakamaru is dangerous as his mind business would be just causing money losses.

Chinese speaker Hugo from Bosnia

I've heard someone called Hugo is a terrible Muslim criminal and he lives in Bosnia and sometimes to show up in Croatia or Serbia area for the initial encounter making for the crime set up. His role is to show off his language ability in English and Serbian. He was fluent in Chinese which he leaned in Croatia.
Hugo is one of the male pimp who harasses non-mosuque goers as a punishment of opening up their legs for the laughing maaterial. To make things worse, Hugo is targeting the Christian women - both  Serb orthodox church goers and Croat Catholics.

Tarou from Ottawa and the money theif from Hungary

There was a Japanese mafia man called Tarou who often shout like "B-pop High School" and he seemed to be in Budapest area. He could be around in Skopje for harassing and taunging the Jewish groups in the Jewish museum area.
Tarou was said to be killed in Romania around the end of December 2017 and he was replaced by the Budapest Japanese man who owns or owned Adidas shop in a shopping mall in Budapest after raping the employee there to replace her job to be his. Also, the same man had the cigar store friend and he pretended to be a worker or the cigar seller there by just chatting with the employee outside while he was with his new client for the driving around the city. So, he could just pretend to be a owner of something. Later, he started taunting others like how he was better off by mimicking and swindling from others in the police business. There would be women around to be ready to have a sexual affairs once they were touched by the police groups. He started such a policy making. He could touch anything of the women's belongings. And he would be started taunting women with the microwave hearing devices about his intention of stealing the credit cards and the safe deposited money in the safe or somewhere secured to provoke the insecurity. 

Which man do you prifer, a black guy or a quiet guy?

The Muslim mafia groups give choices to their hostages. They often teaches how to get married with a police. A police officer's friend would use their status privarage to be safe from any human trafficking or mafia accusations. Meanwhile, Muslim groups often make the arranged marriages for their clain building.

For example, there is a Japanese Muslim group in  Zagreb taunting women in this way; which do you prefer to marry, a black man or a quiet Asian boy? The black man is a typical Yakuza and taught in the Yakuza way. He would be agressively taunting and kicking the woman for the "sekkan" or punishment as a maleness showing. A child abusive or a domestic violence father he would be. But that is what the mafia offers to have a family member from their female targets. And the quiet boy. He is a social pervert and weak. He could complain everything on the woman for accusing the "mother." He is weak and very useless as something as a man. He could do some tricking like how he pull out his wallet for the payment but to ask someone to pay first. So, he does not really do anything. And once something goes wrong, he looks down  on the woman and accuse her for everything. "If my height is not short, I would be with someone better.." And either way, there is no choice but the North Korean marriage line is just built around with Mr. Murayama's family in Zagreb area. That is how the Islamic socialism is about.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Joe Hazaki or Joe Hideki - the same man from Munich as Leon Stork

I've heard some people are used in the DHS program in Japan as a fake ID people. Joe Hazaki is actually the delived name from Leon Kazuki. He changed the name to Hazaki to mimic the image of the UN Police Force high tech floating device. They say they have devices like the floating UFO for Germany after the Germans help the UN NY groups from the future for the surveillance. Say, there are future files ready like London Index. And Slovenia got one time traveling roller coaster down from the surface not far from Croatian border. And these German groups manipulated the information together for the harassment on the people. They would start the war on others as "in case of war..." and they claim anyone exploitable for the property stealing and such.

Leon Stork might be added for the Japanese SDF and was part of the fake ID makers. He has two FaceBook pages, for instance. One is the Munich living and another as the Prague living - which is to prepare his image to be there as a normal resident and to claim me to be there as a visitor to be the staleker instead. He got nothing to do with the city but the location is convenient for the Chinese mafia's total surveillance. Also, the Turkish Muslims are free to exploit any Japanese or anyone for the pornography making. Also, Daniel Schollhammer has two FaceBook accounts and one is Munich one and another is the Tokyo University as his school - he could not get the high school dilpoma when he was 19 already in 2012. You can imagine how far is fake and their knowledge is probably from the future U - the UN groups who survived the war and only few million survived and their profiles are often exaggarated ones like the university names would be a made up one to fit into the small society's professional jobs. And Prague church workers received the flying  umbrella which could accept up to 46kg weight.

Japanese Police got a chance to get into the Slovenian time machine and they probably did something to settle down in the past.

My story is to be about Neo-Nazis. But what about the current Nazism of such future U issues? People killed so easily in future. They could get their arms cut off or legs taken but the new medicine can fix such a problem in few seconds.

And these days, people witness something for money is easy on the police side. Someone could be evicted easily by the Muslim terrorist police and their friends. Joe Hideki or Joe Hazaki witnessed something as a dangerous factors. I've heard it was the Joe Hostel visiting Japanese journalist-alike claimed me trying to open the gate so long time while I was waiting outside. Such Japanese make up stories are way too many by the Sports Japan or other Japanese journalists working in the police jobs.

Japanese Navy as the Muslim terrorist police

When I was in Egypt as a Catholic church member and was just there for awhile to think about what to do after I left Switzerland, there was an invitation from the Japanese Embassy about seeing a Japanese Navy ship visit to Egypt. I've got some email notices from the Japanese Embassy about the riots and such. And I ignored the Jap ship visit. I had nothing to do with Jap Navy or ships. It's stationed far from Cairo, and I had no intention of wasting time nor paying money for that.

Japanese Navy seemed to be later the threat to the Christianity. My first notice was the Voice 2 Skull direct voice hearing and the warning. Japanese Navy in Pula and Dubrovnik as the location they started the war on Croat Catholics by the help of the Japanese SDF in Sarajevo. They accuse both Catholics and Muslims by saying "Kyokai ka kaikyo kai ka (church or Islamic group?)" as the similar pronounciation joke.

I've heard Fukushima Daigo (number 5 group) of Japanese SDF groups insulted Kloster Mustair in Switzerland around 2013. And later, they spread the story of sleeping with others to get ready for any national security threat by just being flirted by women and that was the teaching for the Catholics how to be pervert and wild by the Islamic nature.

And later, more Muslim Japanese were in Italy and in Egypt as the medical examiners as the exploitation of the human body of their patients in the Islamic way.  Croatia, Hungary, and Bosnia are the locations wehre such medical examiners moved in for the forced rape and marriage.

Chieko Sasaki-Kleiner from Bad Saulgau

In my retrospect, I think there was a Japanese German woman in Bad Saulgau as the Cloister Siessen worker. She knew many church workers and the Japanese church in Stuttgart and other locations. I met her as an introduction from Cloister Siessen sister who I knew. She was nice but later, some of the mafia harassers told me that her group is responsible of denouncing the Japanese church visitors.

"He/She is a  multiple religion"

And that is how people blame on others; you are not worthy to be in this religion. Japanese often visit Protestant churches and there are less Catholic churches. And some Japanese just merge to be in for both Christianity. And that is how others denounce the person. Also, Greeks would be always get Orthodox label on them. Japanese? Shinto!!! And that is how the Japanese Christian to be viewed as a traitor before! Japanese Germans? They don't really know the way to see from the other side. Protestant/Catholic/Shinto/Buddhism all together to be a social label on a Japanese Christian? That is how things would go. There is only the traitor to be living and anyone cannot be just chosing one religion as a normal world view. Jews got Jews for Jesus Christian organizations for their Christianity part. Others see and claim someone to be a Muslim. A multiple religion type would be suited for the Muslim charity worker to pick on someone to be a Muslim and to be added on the Muslim terror list. Japanese German? Perl-Harber Terrorist. And what if they are Muslims? Muslim type multiple religion Perl-Harber family line? I've heard Chieko's Team as something like Chieko's Army just like Leon Army by the Japanese Muslim police boys from Japan or Germany. So, her friendship would be used for targeting other Christians as the national security type harassment by the actual Muslim Japanese officers' clubs. 

I've heard Chieko acted with Muslims in Bad Saulgau or Munich for the ID theft. She has similar face like me, so it could be how others claimed me as a Muslim. And such Muslim claim on me ended up me to bring a Israel flag around. Anyone with Israel flag is nothing to do with Muslims.

Hotel Carapati room 303 theft and room invasion at Bucharest

Since German Neo-Nazi cars are around and I often experience the theft and damages to my property. I found some money missing from my bag after my check out from Hotel Carpati. I could find a better room than the shared bath situation but it was at the end of the year and I had hard time finding a place to stay near where the new year cerebration.

First night, I found the suitcase padlock opened.

Few days later, few items went missing. The missing items were my cosmetics, an orange padlock, and 2 Lush soap bars. I think these items went missing as if someone as the intruder to claim the room as his or her own and even showing off the orange padlock which is similar to the one I have for the suitcase which is a blue one. And the soap bars would be humililated by the Muslim terrorists who would just want to put their spit, sperm or just stamp on the soaps or shower items to declare the single female traveler as their own lover or something. Hotel Carpati is not far from the Holocause Memorial in Bucharest. But such a strange thing happened as the missing items.

Then I found some foreign money are in my wallet. I took out the foreign currencies like Florint and Kuna already to my suitcase after I moved to Romania. And I knew I already used all the coins at Subway around the time I checked into Hotel Carpati after I could not find anyone at Joe Hostel for check-in. I did not leave my wallet at home, so someone invaded and did some kinky prank on me. It's not a mental problem but someone tricked so and even stealing from me.

And after I checked out, I found some money missing from my foreign money pack. I wrote down my money contensts on a paper and it was also missing. I wrote down at Vienna as the latest money value in November. At least, I found Bulgarian 100lev went missing and around 100 GBP went missing. I keep around 200GBP as the major emergency money to keep with me. It was over what I paid for staying at Hotel Carpati.

I would add a donation program right down here as asking for the compensation from such a trip to a room 303 in Hotel Carpati where stuffs went missing and money stolen.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Asian stalker in Bucharest - January 1st, 2018

Here is the another situation after December 30th, 2017 happened at the same location. An Asian woman was walking alone. The same people would be engaged in the stalking, ID theft, copycat,  and defamation business. So, it's easy to find them doing it again and again in the same location.

Chinese stalker in Bucharest - December 30th, 2017

Mafia groups often show up and do the same things as what they do as the police testing or exercises on their own. To the victim, it is just a strange situation. It is often called as a sensitization process for the psychiatric injury.

Here, there was an Asian man showed up from the intersection near McDonalds alone. The same situation happened on January 1st, 2018. An Asian walking around.

WAVE-NETWORK annual conference 2017 and the mobbing by the participants

Here is the video about the mobbing happened at the anti-human trafficking Wave-Network annual conference in Budapest in 2017.

There were some people without socks walking around in the conference room and there was a woman who is often described as "tadon" by the Chinese Japanese microwave speech making SDF old man. The short shoe-less woman said she is from Kosovo region. She could be one of the Muslim extremists who would be just there in the conference without actual listing.

The Microwave (V2K) speakers told me lather that the organizations exist only for helping the Muslim groups by blackmailing the human trafficking women and their family members. Then they would use the forced marriage situation on the human trafficking victims. It would include the sudden assault and the kill by the Muslim male visitor to the faculty where the woman would be sheltered and the man would suddenly abuse the woman for the police testing such as the brutal kill on the Islamic courage testing. How cheap women became? You can assume how far these shoe-less or clothes with holes wearing women for the organized stalking at the conference. Swedish Muslim woman was at the conference.

How many anti-human trafficking groups help others these days? Just ask them or wiretap them for the actual killing on the pro-human rights women. The DHS Muslim groups from the fusion center killed the woman right already and the women must be controlled by the Muslim extremists in the police groups like how Nazis developed their own internal ring sending people to Auschwitz without others knowing it as a law.

German mafia car at X Hostel Bucharest - December 12th, 2017 - part 2

This is the second part about the German car and the same female clerk at X Hostel. I asked to call police at the reception but she pretended not knowing me as a guest and even tried to contact their own "mafia" security - DUB Security. I don't know why they want to call their own security team while they cannot contact police directory.

She complained about my shouting and she threatened me to call security. I asked her to call police and she did not do so to remove the German mafia outside of the hostel. How often a hostel clerk would just try to claim a guest as not a guest and even try to contact security?

Here, you can see who has to pay for the DUB Security once the hostel brings the security team.

German mafia car at X Hostel in Bucharest - October 12th, 2017

Here is the example of how the nearly Crystal Night experience happened at X Hostel in Bucharest. The hostel had a guest house built next to it and I rented a private room with a bathroom. German cars were always around in the city and one day, I saw a German car parked outside and two men were inside. I thought it was the German mafia members and I asked the X Hostel clerk woman to call a police. She then started telling me as if she does not know me as a guest staying over a week already. According to the Tol12 or Thomas Schöllhammer group from Munich would say that they treat others like "I don't know you" in the biblical manner and even think like the person would not to be remembered after what they do - such as the criminals steal or kill someone and leave the location or dump the body and nothing they remember as the crime memory.

So, this is the actual video I filmed as the evidence. I thought X Hostel workers are bribed for something like Crystal Night issues. There is a synagogue around the corner from the hostel, by the way. We see how it looked like around the Jews wore the yellow badges in the past and how others acted from this video. Very informative and educational, isn't it?

Happy New Year and here is German Mafia Car list 2017

I finished the past year German car database PDF file for sale. Only 2€ for the database.

<a href="https://sellfy.com/p/5Wvm/" id="5Wvm" class="sellfy-buy-button">Buy now</a><script type="text/javascript" src="https://sellfy.com/js/api_buttons.js"></script>

German cars - 2013
German cars - 2014
German cars - 2015
German cars - 2016

Japanese German mafia network - Leon Stork/Leon Kazuki/Leon Karuki, etc

In my case of victimization by the unknown German groups, there is this microwave hearing taunts going on about the certain people. For example, Thomas Schöllhammer, a room renter in Münich where I rented a room in 3 bedroom apartment of Schöllhammer family, is counted as a person who is responsible of these German mafia stalking as a part of the Muslim CRAM program on someone they could claim as a Muslim to make their own mafia groups to get rich. Thomas Schöllhammer would be codenamed as "TOL12" or "TOL2012" by his claims done in the year 2012. The microwave hearing was accurately telling me the stories such as how he made his reputation as Weinburger or Reisburger by first sleeping around by the family group union in Munich to reunite their own self image as the Muslim police clan. They would just slept with anyone in the police field to be safe and protected as their own clans.

Meanwhile, there was a Japanese German boy called Leon Stork often visited Daniel, Thomas Schöllhammer's second son and a 19 years old boy without a high school diploma yet. Leon Stork was said to be 15 years old when he graduated from the Japanese language high school in Munich. It could be the distance learning school, but that was how Leon and Daniel studied together at the apartment. Leon Stork might be the guy who helped making the porno videos for the women in the apartment. They could use the blackmailing videos they made for their police jobs. Daniel was often speaking about "Schwarzwäche" or the black watch issues.

Later, I've heard these Munich mafia groups engaged in the police jobs to start exploiting others. Once they slept with others, they steal the wallets and IDs to nullify their friends to bring them to prison or blackmailing purpose. Money makers can be helping the police and the church corruptions as well. They could bribe others for the false witnessing and anyone who is not helping the mafia's corruption to be collected.

For example, Thomas Weinburger was giving the wines from München Freising other popular locations for the poisoning. The family stopped using wines after they packed their spits in the bottle as the white wine and it was the fatal accident among the police groups. Then, Schöllhammer family traveled to Thailand to become the huslers in the location. They could start making money from husling the women as the land helpers and seduced for the sex video filming and engagement crashing on the women's location. Reisburger is used as Thomas Schöllhammer's nickname for exploiting the Thai citizens. Thomas Schöllhammer always used their room renters as just there for the house cleaner or something staying free. Thus, the renter's image would be poor instead of Schöllhammer's family always listing their one bed room on WG.DE for asking renters and even rented the apartment on Bluterstr. 2 in Munich. Their statement is always complete as they make money together by blackmailing with the police officers and the real estate mafia groups later.

What I've heard about Leon is that he contacted the Japanese SDF to be helping the Japanese Yakuza networks. Leon seemed to be engaged in the Istanbul exploitation of the women they know to be listed as Muslims. Leon would be first initiated into the Chiapas mafia groups by the contact with Dr. Roberto Gonzalez who was a UCB graduated anthropologist and a CIA operative working at SJSU and ended up in the high school jobs in the Silicon Valley and later to be called as "Brother Gonzalez" to be in the CRAM jobs on his own to mimic the Spanish speaking priest yet to be on the Muslim Mexican gang side. Leon Stork could be related with the police matter with Monika Stolces in Antewarp in Belgium in June 2012. Then Leon killed someone called Mr. Hodaka in Guatemara or in Mexico and made his way back using no visa stamping route back to Germany.

From there, Leon Stork might be using their false witness jobs to be traveling around to work as the police family abroad for telling their information again and again after wiping out the first innocent citizen groups as the police mafia members. Police hires the foreign police workers and they all do the corruption on the society in the globalism and the mafia protection system.

Leon changed his name to Kazuki (刃月) in Germany to travel to the region around Aomori to the north of Niigata prefectures in Japan and he seduced single women around for the "war wipe" on the single females. "War-Wipe" is the word used by the Muslim cops to take out anything they don't like on the way for their correction making in the society. Thus, the unwanted women were taking out by the same group of mafia for the real estate mafia and the Soka Gakkai and other interest groups to take care of the location as the accepted majority.

Then, Leon Stork changed his name to Haguki (no-teeth) as the image of someone without teeth but the full dentures to have the different bite marks. Leon later changed his family name to Karuki.

Leon would be now called as Ryo as something more suited as a Japanese man. He would be around in the early 20s by 2018. But he could be causing troubles for the false witness programs here and there in the world and especially to the Japanese speaking groups as the mafia prays.

I've herd Schöllhammer family is hanging around for the crime report making help as the social organizations. Leon Stork could be one of such mafia groups for asking others for the false witnessing and the human trafficking of the people based on the Islamic police division tactics. As far as I've heard, Schöllhammer could visit Zagreb area as "Thomas the Steam engine train" and saying "pa" or something when he saw someone naked on the examination table for the police body check example on the women.
On December 31st, 2017, I saw these German cars around in Bucharest. 

And January 1st 2018 party time in the city center. I was surrounded by the Muslims somehow. Are they Iranians targeting my Jewish Museum Vienna logo bag??? These black hijab women and their family members kicked the candles and flowers left at the wall for the memorial for the New Year terrorism in Bucharest. 

And this year's first German car and Spanish car sighting.

DruckBox clerk saying they tried to print 2 and turned out only one copy only - Fraud Proof Video

I went to DruckBox and talked with a man. He said that he tried to make 2 copies of the prints but only one turned out. He had been rubbing ...