Friday, January 26, 2018

Forex Hacked with 14 digits earnings and working without activtion

The actual fraud to be recorded on the film. EA working even I disactivated it!!! And "earnings" showing 14 digit numbers!!! On January 19th, I bought Forex Hacked and applied it to my REAL account. It started from 650€ and increased to 1180€ within few days. Then all crashed by January 24th night. I found the Forex Hacked EA with a false "earnings" showing in 14 digits numbers. Also, the EA was working even after I disactivated it and was showing the sad smiley. The "earnings" was moving when there was no GBPUSD trade nor EA not activated. Forex Hacked fraud on easyMarkets MT4 trading platform filmed. I use IronFX as with Volatility Factor 2.0 and Forex Hacked Pro. This one does not get any strange "earnngs" to be moving around but made a small drops and even making more drops of the deposits now.

14 digits earnings showing on Forex Hacked on my VPS. I need to find a lawyer to get the compensation from this fraud by... easyMarkets? or Forex Hacked company? If I could get help properly to solve the problem, I might get enough compensation money to build the museum as well as solving the Forex problem..

Due to the extra problems, I need to find a lawyer to handle the case. If it was going automatically with Forex Hacked, then it was the easy one way up for making the museum building cost.

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