Tuesday, January 16, 2018

KFC at Bucharest Gare de Nord cheating on the chicken amount

When there are Muslim and German Neo-Nazi mafias are around, I often get frauds and cheated on the communication. Here, you can see how the female clerk at KFC gave me the Smart Menu instead of Smart Menu Plus one. 2 chicken stripes less!!! 

Meanwhile, there was a group of police officers sat on the corner eating a lot together. And there was some black men on another table. 

I often get treated by the mafia groups with less potions of foods or something. These Muslim mafia helpers think women should get less and the extra would be given to the Muslim mafia boys and they would claim the cheated part as given to them by the woman. That's the delusional thoughts but to make the fanatic Muslim males to be ever happy on assaulting women. It's the illogical reasoning but for the falsified reports and false witness programs in the corrupted police societies, it works. 

And how many Muslims or the corrupted police officers are working to take down the churches by the Obama's orders? I bet the same people even from the same police station aiming to take out the churches in a long run as the police officers are only targeting the non-Muslims and Christian minorities for the police studies. 

Remember who were those people engaged in the discriminations first. The segregation law makers. 

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