Thursday, January 25, 2018 account crashed by Forex Hacked EA robot within a week!!!

I have been trying to make some earning to cover my living cost since last November. But it did not really work with easyMarkets. My first deposit was crashed after a month and the second one was the same. And later, I found this crashing cycle became shorter. The third one was crashed within a week.

And I made the deposit on January 17th and it was 600€. And I added Forex Hacked program on January 19th. And it was working to make money up to 1180€ within few days. And then.... on January 24th, I saw my account balance only 283€ or something. It was 1000€ missing like a bad dream.

And Forex Hacked program had a strange negative number profit. How come I had such a huge balance loss on 600€ deposit trading??? Forex Hacked was hacked??? Since the last trade lasted for a week long and this one also. So, I thought it was done by some kinds of the cheating program by the third party.

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