Thursday, January 25, 2018

German Neo-Nazi Car Lists On Sale! Poster for 2018

I have been posting around the German Neo-Nazi Car Lists On Sale posters in my neighborhood. But Germans have been stalking me all the time. Here is the list for this year including the sales of the German car 2017 sales. Everyday Germans showing up for past 5 years. Enough got get a political asylum by this year somewhere. Alas, Germans and Muslims are way too many in any political backups, so I cannot find help. I'm hoping to be one of the neutral citizen of some Asian trace or South American background to be safe somewhere on the Earth....

I'm not a Muslim. But I have been stalked by Muslims and Neo-Nazi Germans like the time of the WWII Gestapo stalking.  Any donation to get a museum building will help me as I would be selling the information of 21st Century Neo-Nazism on the individuals. I want to have my human right back to be a normal educated citizen somewhere with the Nazis persecution memory.

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