Monday, January 1, 2018

Japanese German mafia network - Leon Stork/Leon Kazuki/Leon Karuki, etc

In my case of victimization by the unknown German groups, there is this microwave hearing taunts going on about the certain people. For example, Thomas Schöllhammer, a room renter in Münich where I rented a room in 3 bedroom apartment of Schöllhammer family, is counted as a person who is responsible of these German mafia stalking as a part of the Muslim CRAM program on someone they could claim as a Muslim to make their own mafia groups to get rich. Thomas Schöllhammer would be codenamed as "TOL12" or "TOL2012" by his claims done in the year 2012. The microwave hearing was accurately telling me the stories such as how he made his reputation as Weinburger or Reisburger by first sleeping around by the family group union in Munich to reunite their own self image as the Muslim police clan. They would just slept with anyone in the police field to be safe and protected as their own clans.

Meanwhile, there was a Japanese German boy called Leon Stork often visited Daniel, Thomas Schöllhammer's second son and a 19 years old boy without a high school diploma yet. Leon Stork was said to be 15 years old when he graduated from the Japanese language high school in Munich. It could be the distance learning school, but that was how Leon and Daniel studied together at the apartment. Leon Stork might be the guy who helped making the porno videos for the women in the apartment. They could use the blackmailing videos they made for their police jobs. Daniel was often speaking about "Schwarzwäche" or the black watch issues.

Later, I've heard these Munich mafia groups engaged in the police jobs to start exploiting others. Once they slept with others, they steal the wallets and IDs to nullify their friends to bring them to prison or blackmailing purpose. Money makers can be helping the police and the church corruptions as well. They could bribe others for the false witnessing and anyone who is not helping the mafia's corruption to be collected.

For example, Thomas Weinburger was giving the wines from München Freising other popular locations for the poisoning. The family stopped using wines after they packed their spits in the bottle as the white wine and it was the fatal accident among the police groups. Then, Schöllhammer family traveled to Thailand to become the huslers in the location. They could start making money from husling the women as the land helpers and seduced for the sex video filming and engagement crashing on the women's location. Reisburger is used as Thomas Schöllhammer's nickname for exploiting the Thai citizens. Thomas Schöllhammer always used their room renters as just there for the house cleaner or something staying free. Thus, the renter's image would be poor instead of Schöllhammer's family always listing their one bed room on WG.DE for asking renters and even rented the apartment on Bluterstr. 2 in Munich. Their statement is always complete as they make money together by blackmailing with the police officers and the real estate mafia groups later.

What I've heard about Leon is that he contacted the Japanese SDF to be helping the Japanese Yakuza networks. Leon seemed to be engaged in the Istanbul exploitation of the women they know to be listed as Muslims. Leon would be first initiated into the Chiapas mafia groups by the contact with Dr. Roberto Gonzalez who was a UCB graduated anthropologist and a CIA operative working at SJSU and ended up in the high school jobs in the Silicon Valley and later to be called as "Brother Gonzalez" to be in the CRAM jobs on his own to mimic the Spanish speaking priest yet to be on the Muslim Mexican gang side. Leon Stork could be related with the police matter with Monika Stolces in Antewarp in Belgium in June 2012. Then Leon killed someone called Mr. Hodaka in Guatemara or in Mexico and made his way back using no visa stamping route back to Germany.

From there, Leon Stork might be using their false witness jobs to be traveling around to work as the police family abroad for telling their information again and again after wiping out the first innocent citizen groups as the police mafia members. Police hires the foreign police workers and they all do the corruption on the society in the globalism and the mafia protection system.

Leon changed his name to Kazuki (刃月) in Germany to travel to the region around Aomori to the north of Niigata prefectures in Japan and he seduced single women around for the "war wipe" on the single females. "War-Wipe" is the word used by the Muslim cops to take out anything they don't like on the way for their correction making in the society. Thus, the unwanted women were taking out by the same group of mafia for the real estate mafia and the Soka Gakkai and other interest groups to take care of the location as the accepted majority.

Then, Leon Stork changed his name to Haguki (no-teeth) as the image of someone without teeth but the full dentures to have the different bite marks. Leon later changed his family name to Karuki.

Leon would be now called as Ryo as something more suited as a Japanese man. He would be around in the early 20s by 2018. But he could be causing troubles for the false witness programs here and there in the world and especially to the Japanese speaking groups as the mafia prays.

I've herd Schöllhammer family is hanging around for the crime report making help as the social organizations. Leon Stork could be one of such mafia groups for asking others for the false witnessing and the human trafficking of the people based on the Islamic police division tactics. As far as I've heard, Schöllhammer could visit Zagreb area as "Thomas the Steam engine train" and saying "pa" or something when he saw someone naked on the examination table for the police body check example on the women.

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