Friday, October 19, 2018

Elysso Hotel and the room invasion on October 18th

I found someone damaged my Catholic bracelet once again. The last time was at Walking Bed Guesthouse in Budapest and someone damaged St. John Paul II's wooden piece on it. And this time, someone ripped off two seals next to St. John Paul II's seal. It happened after Wednesday as I saw my bracelet during the Greek lesson on Wednesday and it was perfect at that time. And the sealing is quite hard to peal off. And how this happened?

And there was this loose string on my Guinness beanie. I put both in the bag last night and kept them next at the hotel pool.

And the cleaning ladies got some weird hat and towel use or covering the heads during the pool cleaning yesterday.

And I found some shit like stain on my hotel towel also happened yesterday.

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